Sunday, 22 January 2012

My 5 Favourite Minis

As regulars to my blog might have noticed I've been chopping and changing armies quite a lot as of late.

I've always been more drawn to the hobby side of things and also the background stories to armies/characters/etc. I do really enjoy gaming but gaming but for me it's secondary to the hobby. Having said that, I'll not hold onto minis I love for an army I don't enjoy playing or vice versa.
The problem at the minute is I've yet to find that balance in my own hobby triangle between miniatures, fluff and rules.
Some armies I've started as I love the visual theme in my mind but can't get into the background or can't put together a working army list that fits that theme.
Others I'll have a brilliant army list idea but just can't bring myself to enjoy the minis no matter how hard I try to.
Then sometimes the fluff is great and I really enjoy it but can't quite work one or both of the other factors into the equation!

I don't currently have an army for any of the game systems I consider myself to play. I'm currently painting my converted Harry The Hammer but I lost interest in the rest of the Warriors of Chaos I grabbed as they never managed to recapture the love I had for them when I returned to the hobby a few years ago.

So whilst trying to decide on what to do next I've been giving a lot of thought to what I've done before that I particularly liked or was especially pleased with the results of so that's what got me to this post about my 5 favourite minis.

5. Chaos Knight Champion

The oldest of the minis in my top 5. I've painted others better but I really liked how this one turned out and he also marked the point at which my colour scheme started to really develop as I'd had a vague idea for the minis I painted before hand but the bone, gold and purple went together for this one and set the tone!

4.Beastman Gor

I did this one for a unit champion painting contest at my gaming club and the idea was that a Beastmen army would follow suit behind him as I knew the new army book was on the horizon at the time. I really love the Beastmen minis, not sure what it is about them but they have a charm I've never managed to put my finger on. When the army book came out I couldn't have been more disappointed as gone had the old Raiders rule that made the army so unique and characterful and we were left with an army of furry Orcs & Goblins. Ok, perhaps a bit melodramatic, but certainly the character of the army went a little with that rule!

3. Keeper of Secrets - Mardumesh Painweaver

This guy was huge and I absolutely loathed him at points whilst painting him as there just seemed to be no end in sight once I'd started! It was a conversion I'd wanted to do from the very first moment I saw the Arachnarok in previews but it took me a while to get around to it. I had planned an army around him but that never came to be. I love the concept and fluff for all of the Daemons but I think the current codex is pretty poor for representing them.

2. World Eater Lord - Slaughter-Lord Kaldor Foe-Render

I really loved this mini and I loved the army that he ended up leading. I think I possibly painted this mini a little better than the one that's pipped it to the top spot on my list. Game wise he was my counts-as Logan Grimnar and he and the rest of The Gorewing actually did pretty well on the tabletop!

1. Warriors of Chaos BSB - Harkaitz The Herald

This is my favourite of the minis I've painted. I love the base mini itself and the conversion work went pretty much how I'd imagined it. The pose is very aloof and he became the centrepiece for my Warriors of Chaos army. The real issue with him is I shouldn't have made him my BSB! I never managed to settle on a miniature for my general that I liked as I couldn't create anything to compete with how much Harkaitz captured the feel I wanted for my army.

That's our visual trip down memory lane finished. I wanted to go over them to see if they'd spark any ideas as to what army to toy with next. I have a few vague ideas that I might explore but not sure yet. Next I'm going to do a top 5 minis I want to build/paint...