Thursday, 27 January 2011

Firestorm Berlin - Sample Turn

I put together an example turn of Firestorm Berlin for the players in the campaign and thought I'd share it on here.

Firestorm Berlin - Turn 1 (Example)

Player A
Player B

Player D
Player E

Battle Plans

Allied Battle Plan
The main thrust of our assault on Berlin will be via the south. We'll first move on München and then push north towards Berlin. We'll do our best to hold our ground towards the north and a secondary priority will be to capitalise on any gains we can make there. For this turn our priority should be Baden as it brings us one step closer towards München and can be used as a staging point for our assaults next turn.

Axis Battle Plan
The Führer demands that we recapture France from the Allies. They now have a strong foothold on the continent and we have to disrupt their plans to advance further or Berlin will fall. If we begin by attacking the Ardennes area to drive a wedge into their advance and force them to divert the resources pushing for Berlin to defending their own lines then we will be off to a good start. After the Ardennes, Brussels and Flanders are our priorities so that our forces will be able to keep in supply once they begin the push to retake Paris!

The Generals can make their battle plans as simple as this or they can use maps etc to show help explain what exactly they'd hope for the players to do. Like all good plans it'll have to be adaptable as there's no guarantee that you'll win the initiative so might well spend the turn fighting battles on your opponents terms and it's the General's job to make sure that his Commanders are able to capitalise on any advantages that present themselves by being informed of their ultimate goals throughout the campaign.

Battle Phase

Player A & Player D arrange a game against eachother and agree to play the campaign standard 1750pts in their game. They will then roll off to see who has the initiative and that player will decide where the battle is fought. Player A rolls a 3 and Player D rolls also rolls a 3. Throughout the campaign the Allies win tied Initiative rolls. This is to represent the impetus the Allies had over the Germans at this stage in the war so Player D wins the Initiative.
Having read the General's Battle Plan for this turn Player D knows that Baden is a priority and chooses to attack there from Saarland so that he can use both Firestorm Counters there to help ensure his victory and to advance the Allies' goal of an assault on the Supply Depot at München in the coming turns.
There is only one Firestorm Counter in Baden so Player A uses this in response but knows that he'll be up against the odds in the coming battle.
Both players check that their armies are In Supply which they are as the Supply Lines run through both territories from Supply Depots in other territories without a break in the line through enemy controlled areas. This means that both players will be playing with an army of 1750pts. In addition to their 1750pts army Player D will have an additional 600pts to spend on Support Platoons and Player A will have an additional 300pts to spend on Support Platoons.


Player B & Player E also arrange a game and they roll for initiative. B rolls 6 and E rolls 4. This means the German Player B has the Initiative. The German General has stated that the Ardennes and Flanders are to be the main focus of their assaults this turn so Player B chooses to attack the Ardennes from the Rheinland. Player B uses both Firestorm Counters in the Rheinland to support his attack and Player E uses both in the Ardennes to create a level playing field and give him a chance of victory and with it a counter-attack into the Rheinland.
Both armies are In Supply and will play with 1750pts plus have an additional 600pts of Support Platoons.

The players all play their games of Flames of War.

It's really important to work out the VP at the end of the game. The rules for this are in the rulebook but are 1 VP for each platoon destroyed. You can roll off to destroy Firestorm Counters after completing your battle.

Player D beats Player A but Player A made him pay steeply for the victory and Player D finishes with 5 VP to Player A's 4. The players roll to destroy Firestorm Counters after the battle. Player D rolls once to destroy the Firestorm Counter that Player A used. As his VP were 5 he needs to roll a 5+ to destroy the counter. He rolls a 4 so Player A's counter will survive as it can safely retreat to an adjacent friendly territory of Player A's choice, and does so, fleeing to Pfalz. Player A rolls twice, once for each counter that Player D used and needs a 6 to destroy each one due to his 4 VP in the battle. Player A rolls a 2 and a 6. This means that one of the Firestorm Counters is destroyed. As the counter wasn't surrounded (there were friendly territories adjacent to it) it goes to the Allies' Reinforcement Pool.
Player D captures Baden for the Allies and chooses to advance the surviving Firestorm Counter into the newly acquired Territory.


In their game Player E manages to beat Player B. This means that Player B's offensive has failed and Player E counter-attacks into the German territory capturing it for the Allies. The game was very one sided and Player B only managed to earn 2 VP so doesn't get to roll to destroy Firestorm Counters at all. Player E scored 7 VP against Player B so needs to roll twice, once for each of Player B's counters, and only needs 4+ to destroy them. Player E rolls a 4 and a 6 destroying both of the Axis' Firestorm Counters. They were adjacent to friendly territories so are not surrounded and removed from the game entirely and instead goes to the Axis Reinforcement Pool.
Player E decides to advance both of the Firestorm Counters from the Ardennes into the Rheinland.


All the battles for this campaign turn have been played so the Campaign Turn moves on into the next phase

Strategy Phase

This phase is carried out by the Generals. The Allied General first will declare his exploitation moves. Then, the Axis General will do the same. Next the Allied General will bring on their Reinforcements into whichever Supply Depots they choose and then the Axis General will. Finally the Allied General will detail all of his Strategic Moves as he prepares the Allied army for the next Campaign turn and then the Axis General makes his Strategic Moves. Once this is done the Victory Points for the campaign so far are added up by the Campaign Organiser and then then next turn can begin. Each turn will last for 2 weeks and will start on a Sunday. This means the Generals will be busy finishing their Strategy Phase and preparing their Battle Plan in advance of each turn beginning so that their Commanders know what is expected of them.

Exploitation Move

The Allied General makes his Exploitation Moves first. He makes these moves to seize more territory from the opposition. He can move up to two Firestorm Counters that are In Supply into adjacent enemy controlled areas that do not contain a Firestorm Counter and doing so captures those areas. The Allied General begins by moving his first Firestorm Counter from Baden into Württemberg. This is a potentially risky move as it leaves Baden prone to exploitation from the Axis General which would also cut off the new acquired Wurrtemberg territory from Supply. This risk is mitigated by the Allied General's second Exploitation Move which is to move a Firestorm Counter from the Rheinland into Hessen. This leaves one Firestorm Counter to defend the Rheinland and importantly cuts of Supply to the German Firestorm Counters in Pfalz, leaving them unable to exploit from there, cut off from Reinforcements and in a weaker position come the Battle Phase in Campaign Turn 2.


In response the Axis General exploits into the now vacant Ardennes territory with a Firestorm Counter from Zuid-Holland. The Axis General is unable to make any other Exploitation Moves this turn as the rest of their counters do not have a valid territory to exploit into or are Out of Supply.


Both Generals bring their reinforcements back on in their Supply Depots.

Strategic Moves
Both Generals makes their Strategic Moves to reinforce their front lines with Firestorm Counters. The Firestorm Counters can move any distance along Supply Lines as long as they start in supply it's an unbroken chain through friendly territories all in supply. They could instead move to one adjacent friendly territory, this type of movement need not be along a Supply Line and need not begin or end in a territory that is In Supply but must be between two adjacent Friendly territories. Firestorm Counters are unable to make Strategic Moves into or through territories that have just been captured through an Exploitation Move.


As they prepare for Campaign Turn 2 the Allies find themselves in a very strong position early on but the Axis players can quickly turn this around with a few well placed victories!

Victory Points
The Victory Points at the end of this turn are:
Allies - 310
Axis - 200
If the game ended at this point it would be a Tactical Victory for the Allies.

The Campaign Map at the start of Turn 2


Things to keep in mind on Turn 2 would be:
Köln, Pfalz and the Ardennes are all Out of Supply so any battles fought in these areas will see the Axis Commanders having to roll on the Out of Supply chart and potentially having weaker or poorly motivated troops.
Hessen is Out of Supply so any battles fought there will see the Allied Commanders having to roll on the Out of Supply chart.
Both sides have brought their full quote of Firestorm Counters to the front lines so a lot of battles will be fought with additional Support Platoons on each side.
Pfalz is currently surrounded so an Allied Victory there will see the Axis Players losing 2 Firestorm Counters that will be Captured by the Allies and removed from the Campaign Map for good. This would also net the Allies an additional 10 VP in the Campaign.

Campaign map made with a great deal of assistance from the awesome Battle Chronicler software!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Dreamer - WIP

Got a couple of WIP pictures of the The Dreamer, my crew Master. He's the little boy dreaming up all the madness in the crew!

Need to finish off the base and tidy things up a bit.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Painting Teddy.... Nearly There!

Ok, said I'd post more progress pictures of Teddy. He's nearly done, just a few last bits to do but I think it's very clear what the intention is with it all now at least

 Yes, "NOM" seemed the obvious choice with the blocks!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

How Many Swamps Must A Man Wade Through.... Part 1

Will post a proper update of Teddy later on or tomorrow as he's getting closer to being finished. Been working on some Malifaux scenery in the mean time when I've gotten the chance. Had plenty of family drama this last week though so it's been a very rare and valuable commodity!
Again, nothing interesting to see yet but thought I'd keep tthings up to date!

One of the projects I'm working on is a 4' x 4' swamp board. Not a lot to see here so far but a blow by blow account all the same. The Bayou area plays a strong part in the background of Malifaux so seemed a logical place to start for the Malifaux scenery as I've wanted to try my hand at a swamp board for a bit.

The board is built with two layers of foamboard to each 2' x 2' square. The top layer has the shape of the swamps cut out so as to be able to create a realistic depth to them. To start with I drew the planned shapes of the swamps on the top layer to cut out. I realised that I'd have to make the banks from filler myself so drew an outline around the original shape to give me the space to do that without shrinking all the swamps below the size I'd planned on having them.


After that the shapes of the swamps were cut out, this was relatively easy, not least as I didn't have to be especially tidy as there will be lots of filler around the edges I've created.


The top layer was then stuck to the bottom layer so as to create the bases of the swamps ready for them to all be filled which is what I'm currently working on.

Another scenery project I'm working on but more in the planning stage is a little Pioneer town so that my gaming club has something to tie in with the nice western theme there. Not got anything to show for this yet other than a train that I've managed to procure!


Every Wild West style town needs a train running through it! Was quite hard to get this one. The trains for 28-32mm gaming need to be roughly 0 scale to be the right size from what I can understand. I don't know if anybody has an interest in model railways here but those trains are exceptionally expensive! Anyway, I stumbled upon a company that sells these train sets but they seem to be relatively easy to find over there in the States but night impossible over here! Managed to find an old listing for one in the UK on ebay that had finished without bids so I got in touch with the person who'd listed it and they still had it. So, after much searching I have the train for another Malifaux board! Going to repaint sections of the train and add some shading & weathering too just to make it look less like a kid's toy but it goes backwards and forwards on the track and plays train noises too apparently... (WIN!)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Firestorm Berlin - Flames of War Campaign

My Firestorm Berlin Flames of War Campaign is ready to get started at my gaming club. We've got a mini-tournament this weekend and then following hot on the heels of that will be the opening of the campaign. I posted a picture of the map previously. This latest one shows the positioning of the Firestorm Counters etc at the start of Turn 1 ready for us to make a right mess of everything!

Firestorm Campaign Map - Tokens added using the awesome Battle Chronicler software!

So what are Firestorm Counters you're probably asking? Well, the Battlefront Firestorm Campaign boxes contain plastic minis to represent Firestorm Units in the campaign. These are support platoons that are added on in addition to the army fighting in the campaign. These are great but one thing I wanted to do with this campaign was to keep all the admin side of it online on my wargaming club's forums. I also wanted to open up the choice as to what was in support a bit more, so instead of a counter representing a specific load-out of a platoon I wanted it to represent an additional 300pts of support platoons that can be taken. I also opened this up so that they could be any Support Platoons for the respective sides from Fortress Europe or from the Intelligence Briefing being used by that player. This still gave you the chance to use units in the campaign that you might not normally get the chance to. Up to two Firestorm counters can be used in a battle so you have the chance to seriously overload your forces in an assault on a key area etc. They'll certainly make things very interesting!

Another little tweak I've made is to limit the German players to only being allowed to take Sporadic Air Support in their lists to represent Allied Air Superiority at this point of the war. Also, Allied players that take Air Support can make Fighter Interceptions on a roll of 5 or 6 and not just 6s. The campaign is slightly weighted towards the allies as they were obviously the eventual winners. This is much the same in the Battlefront Firestorm Campaigns. Especially in Bagration where the Soviet forces have a huge numerical advantage over the German forces to really capture the feel of that constant desperate withdrawal and I wanted to keep a similar under the kosh feel for the Axis players at my gaming club (that's me included see, so I wasn't just being mean!)

I'll be keeping a log of the campaigns progress here on The Glorious Works for anyone that is interested!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Painting Teddy.... some more!

Just a quick post this one to show an awful WIP photo with awful lighting but it gives an idea of what I want to do with Teddy. The mock up:

More on this soon as the idea takes further shape!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Painting Teddy

Been thinking a lot about how I'm going to paint Teddy. Had a few ideas. The first one I had was the 'obvious' choice of like a Care Bear. And in particular, Grumpy Bear.

He already seems nearly grumpy enough to turn into a psycho killing machine... but, a giant blue bear, whilst hillarious would be a bit of an eye sore...


Last week I discussed with a friend about making a teddy bear for the base so I've decided that his base is going to have a prone bear that he's savaged. This led me down the train of thought of Forever Friends for the irony but the bears for that are just plain boring and then I thought of the Tatty Bears. They're always on cards and stuff, I know my last few valentines cards from the Mrs have had the Tatty Bears on, so it just seemed right that such an image of sentiment be debased into a manically grinning, gore-smeared bear.... I also really like the contrast of the bright red with the greys and pale blue so seeing as Teddy has a heart shaped belly...

So I've started making a bear for the base out of green stuff and have made a couple of patches for Teddy too just to make him look a little more beat up. He's all ready to paint now so should be WIP pictures soon!

Images are copyright of their respective owners. Used without permission. All rights reserved.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Welcome To Malifaux...

A new year and a new project! I have began dabbling in the Malifaux hobby and I'll write about it all here Starting with my Neverborn - Dreamer crew but with a soon to follow Hamelin The Plagued crew as well as scenery and other bits.

To get started a quick picture of a mock-up of my first four minis:

Lord Chompy Bits (back-left), Teddy (back-right), Coppelius (front-left), The Dreamer (front-right)

The fluff for the Dreamer is pure brilliance. The Dreamer has manifested himself in Malifaux through a dream. The only problem is he believes it all to be a dream. He enjoys playing games in his dreams, especially with his monstrous companion, the ancient creature Nytmare - who the Dreamer has named Lord Chompy Bits. The Dreamer thinks he's playing an innocent game of tag with the inhabitants of Malifaux, chasing them round and "gobbling them up" but in fact it is all far more sinister...

There are 3 Daydreams and 2/3 Alps to add to the crew before it is complete but I should have those in the next couple of days.

Lots to do to the minis before they're even ready for painting yet. Not sure where I'll start the painting but I'm thinking maybe with Teddy

There will be lots more about Malifaux to come. For those who haven't had a look into it get yourself over to and do some reading (and/or browse the awesome minis in the online store). It's a great game with some unique rules, a brilliant setting and stunning minis!