Sunday, 27 February 2011

Free Minis - Yes Please!

Get a free Warlord Games sprue by singing up for the Wayland Games and Warlord Games newsletters. Can't argue with that. The minis are apparently chosen at random!

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Perdita Ortega

Finished painting Perdita Ortega for my Malifaux Gunslingers Crew. This is a really lovely sculpt and was a joy to paint. Pictures aren't the best. Will try and get some nicer ones later with a slightly different set-up!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Contract Town 19: Posterity - Making A Frontier Town Part 1

Technically this isn't part 1 as the posts about the Train should really be counted as the train will be a key part of Contract Town 19 but until I do some more of that it'll have to make do with its own title! I want to put together a Wild West style board for Malifaux. Andy of the A Fistful of Soul Stones blog is putting together an awesome looking city board for our Malifaux battles and I'm working on this and a Bayou swamp board but this has my attentions for the moment.

To make the buildings I will be using the following ingredients:
5mm thick foamcore
Lolly sticks
Match sticks
Copious amounts of PVA glue
Masking tape for test fitting everything


I started out by building a 'skeleton' for the building out of the foamcore. I worked out roughly the measurements for each piece (these were/will be trimmed to make sure they fit properly if necessary) and cutting these out.

I then put these together using masking tape to check that they fit. These pictures are just a mock-up but give a rough idea of what the finished building will look like.

Next the fun task of cutting all the lolly sticks down to size and covering the 'skeleton' of the building with them!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Just a little update so you guys know we're actually working on stuff that isn't just drab greys and browns, here's a little peak at my take on Candy for Pandoras crew. I took some heavy inspiration from a picture I saw of her a while ago online. She looks a little shiny due to the bright light in my painting room, and she has no base, as I'm waiting for them in the post!

Hoping to get a lot more done on my Malifaux stuff over the next couple of weeks, I'll keep you all updated!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A selection of completely random events that have been keeping me from Malifaux and Warmachine include:

So as you can see, I haven't completely wasted my time! I have 5 tigers and another platoon that I have painted up too, that will be staying with me in the mean time. The above (and more) can be found on ebay currently. My plan to fund my hobby through my hobby is working well, and I'd suggest it to any of you. The one thing I would be very careful about is this taking over your hobby. As Elazar and Andy could tell you, I've been really wanting to start painting my Malifaux crew, my Cryx force, my super secret project and quite possibly Dystopian wars! (The other two haven't given in on this last one, but I will work on it!). Now the point is, that as I've been painting all this FoW I had lying around I haven't been able to get onto the other fun stuff as I've felt like I HAD to get this all done to get it up on ebay. So although it's good to fund the hobby through the hobby, the act of funding the hobby becomes a hobby in itself which stops you having time for the hobby. Pretty obvious when you put it like that eh?


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Fistful Of Soul Stones

Firstly - Awesome name for a Malifaux related blog!
Secondly - One of the guys that James and I play Malifaux with, and indeed the one that dragged us into the warped world that Wyrd Miniatures have created, writes the blog. I really suggest going there and subscribing/following/etc because he's working on some great looking terrain for Malifaux and you'll really want to see it once he gets the pictures up! He's also got a Showgirls crew that's been getting some paintbrush love and will hopefully be featured on there soon. Most definitely one to watch.

I know it's been a little bit quiet on here on the hobby front but there are quite a few things in the works. James has some FoW pictures to post as do I soon and then we're both working on Malifaux crews and a few other things besides!

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Aethervox Podcast

Niklaus Dudek is considered one of the greatest minds of the age in the field of arcane research. His greatest invention is widely believe to be the Aethervox. The Aethervox is a deceptively simple machine consisting of a wood frame, metal dials, and an odd collection of tubes, wires, and hundreds of etched brass for gears spinning within. The device runs on what Dudek calls "spirit energy", the ever present aether of Malifaux.

Currently there is only one true station on the aetherwaves. This Guild-controlled broadcast has a variety of programs, the majority of which are official news reports interspersed with musical scores. In addition to this broadcast, the Arcanists maintain a few mobile transmitters, broadcasting their own underground anti-Guild propaganda. The Guild destroys these so-called Aether Underground stations as soon as they are found.

Aethervoxes are expensive to construct, which limites them from becoming widespread. Entire townships may have a single receiver, if they are lucky. Some of the City's wealthier residents have their own Vox, and the Governor General keeps one is his office. In the Slums, it is common for the poor to gather at saloons and drown their sorrow while listening to programs carried on the aether.

When a station's broadcasting day ends on the Aethervox, its signal is replaced with static. The low buzzing is sometimes broken by whispering voices. Alien languages, obscene threats, and dire missives bleed through from somewhere, sometimes with disturbing consequences. It's told that the voices drove Edgar Ryan to murder his family. Monica Stonewall, wife of the affluent Horatio Stonewall, was found in their home hanging dead above their private 'Vox. Her husband said she laughed hysterically at the 'Vox for weeks, typically beyond the broadcast day. Most residents of Malifaux recall the night that the news was broadcast twelve hours early. The program accurately reported the events that would transpire later that day. Mlaifaux residents have not forgotten the transmission received by every Aethervox last Conjunction Eve, at the moment the moons aligned. Every Aethervox turned itself on, hissing static erupting from the speakers. The entire city was chilled by the inhuman scream in the static that lasted for three minutes before the 'Voxes cut out again.
- The Aethervox, Malifaux: Rising Powers pg 182. Wyrd Miniatures

The Aethervox Podcast is a new podcast dedicated to Malifaux. Anyone that visits The Glorious Works will know that I'm something of a fluff junkie! That's why this podcast stands out to me already. Sticking very truly to the fluff of the Aethervox as written by Wyrd in the Malifaux Rising Powers book and featuring original fan-fiction. The podcast contains news, reviews, tactics and analysis, game reports and lots more besides. Episode 1 is available to download now and if you're a Malifaux fan I really would recommend it.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Henschel HS129 B3

Finished my air support for Flames of War. A flight of HS129 B3.

Got a platoon of German Grenadiers to paint next and then it's back to Malifaux with a vengeance!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

All your blog are belong to me!

Testing, testing 1...2...3...

It's worked! I've managed to guess his password, who'd have thought it would be "my_lover_is_davidhasselhoff". All that aside, I better post this before he gets back and realises! Where's he been anyway? I remember when he updated this thing at least once a week!

Well now I've hacked his system, I might as well tell you about me. I'm James, and I know Elazar in real life. I started my own blog recently, but it just doesn't have the followers, so I thought to myself, how can I reach people that clearly don't want to hear what I have to say? The answer? Hack Elazars blog of course!

Anyway it's been lacking in Fantasy goodness since Firestorm Berlin started up, in fact we're both yearning for more Malifaux (and Warmachine for me, I'm trying to convert him!). The FoW campaign is cool, and we both really love the system, but sometimes you just need outrageously weird stuff to throw on a table and have a laugh right?

So this Wednesday Myself, Elazar and the guy who introduced our local gaming club to Malifaux are all having a game. It's going to be Elazars Dreamer crew vs my Pandora crew vs Andy's Showgirls! What I thought we needed to take us into the game, was a little story setter, so without further ado!

Colette looked down into the deserted town. She was sure there had been movement a couple of seconds ago. Maybe the fading light was playing tricks? It had all started with that damned Guild officer. Her shows were attracting more and more of them every week, and although Colette enjoyed the success and wealth it brought, the Arcanist movement was dangerously close to being found out. The Guild officer had come to bring her flowers backstage, and walked in on Cassandra fixing up a mechanical dove, and had bolted afterwards before Colette could get a chance to talk to him. Now this idiot was going to spread the secrets of her show all over the damned town. This would spark interest in just how the show was performed, and that would bring more attention from the Guild than Colette needed. Given a few minutes with the man, Colette could convince him of anything, what the hell had he come all the way out here into the desert for anyway? At least it would give a chance for her to conduct her business with him away from prying eyes. Colette waved to her troupe, it was time to go. They began walking down the dusty hill track into the town...

On the other side of town, Pandora smiled as the Doppleganger returned. Candy giggled and looked up from the cat she was slowly dismembering on the floor.
"It's nearly time" said Pandora with a slight smile.

Cassandra was annoyed. She had been caught off guard by some idiot Guild lackey, and didn't really feel like being nice enough to just change his mind when they caught up to him. The sand rolled around them in the light evening breeze, somewhere in the town a shutter could be heard banging against it's frame. There was only one main road leading into the town and that was the direction they headed in. To call it a town was a bit of an extreme , it was more like two rows of buildings with a large road like gap running down the centre, but Cassandra had seen smaller settlements out here, and she paid it no thought.

Pandora quicky looked up, "Somethings wrong" she said to no one in particular. There was something else here, not just the Showgirls advancing into the town, something else, something....wrong.
Pandora looked over at Candy who was already staring down the road. "It's him"....

Colette saw the young woman and little girl standing at the end of the road. Overcome with a feeling of sorrow and grief, she knew immediately who it was and signed to the rest of her girls to stand ready. Pandora had obviously lured them here for some reason, and whatever the reason it couldn't be good.

Colette froze as a ball bounced past her. Where the hell had that come from? She looked from building to building, only now noticing something odd. The buildings weren't right, something about their geometry was off, nothing you could place a finger on, kind of like a dream....

Pandora started to walk towards the Showgirls standing in the street, the box in her hands screaming in her mind, it was too late to back down, she would have to fight here and hope for the best. Who knew what he would do when he arrived, but that wasn't a problem for now, she would take Colette and her girls down here, and if needed, him too....

As Colette and Pandora faced eachother in the street, neither of them making the first move, a door swung open in one of the buildings. Both women looked in equal surprise. Standing in the doorway was a little boy, hugging onto his blanket and dressed in a nightgown.

He walked as if floating into the middle of the street and smiled at the pair. "PlAy TiME?" he whispered.......


Friday, 4 February 2011

Firestorm Berlin - 2 Days In To Turn 1

Our Firestorm Campaign for Flames of War has kicked off now at my gaming club. We've had two days worth of battles and the frontlines have already moved quite a bit. The Allies have pressed their advance and so far for this turn have won all of their battles. Hopefully that trend will be corrected on Day 3 of the battles for this Turn which will see the defence of Köln and SS Totenkopf attempting to break out of the 'Amsterdam Encirclement'.

Some pictures of the campaign map so far then:

The two Axis Firestorm Counters out in the sea represent those that have been destroyed and are now in the Reinforcement Pool waiting to re-enter play at the end of the turn. The SS breakout of the Amsterdam Encirclement will be the first game so far in the campaign to use the Out of Supply rule. The grey supply lines have to travel unbroken through friendly territories to keep an area in supply and since the Allies control both Zuid and Noord Holland Amsterdam is completely cut off. The potential results of being Out of Supply are quite interesting...

Morale Reduced: For the duration of the battle all Fearless platoons count as Confident, Confident platoons counts as Reluctant and Reluctant Platoons only pass a Motivation Test on a roll of a 6
Strength Reduced - Before adding Firestorm Counters to your force you must reduce the size of your force by 20% e.g. if you would have fielded a 1500pt force, you now have only 1200pts for the battle. Firestorm troops are not affected by this and are chosen as normal in addition to the adjusted army points total.
No Effect - The boring result
Fight To The Death - For the duration of the battle all Reluctant platoons count as Confident, Confident platoons count as Fearless and Fearless platoons pass all Motivation Tests on a roll of 2+

Obviously, I'd love to see a Fight To The Death result as the men of SS Totenkopf accept their fates and launch their attack. I'm sure the Allies are hoping for Morale or Strength reduced...

Campaign map made with a great deal of assistance from the awesome Battle Chronicler software!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

An Excuse To Play With My Toys

Not much I can say here. Wanted to get a feel for the train on the terrain board and couldn't resist putting a few minis on. What it does show is just how much work I have to do!
The boards need doing, the pioneer town that's built up around the tracks needs doing, the train needs repainting and obviously my crews need to be painted too!
Then there's the swamp board to do...