Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WIP Counts-As Logan Grimnar

I'm putting together a new Terminator army from the Space Wolves codex (but using the Chaos Terminator minis). They're all in various states of being built (the majority held together by blu-tack!)

First WIP picture is my counts-as Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar has a storm bolter and the Axe Morkai which can be used to make attacks as either a Frost Blade or a Power Fist. I figured an interesting way to represent this would be to combine the Frost Blade and Storm Bolter into a single weapon and use a powerfist for his off-hand. I made the custodes warspear/ halberd style weapon by chopping up a few bits and pieces. The main part of the haft and the arm are an Imperial Terminator Thunder Hammer. I cut the ring from the bottom of the Thunder Hammer and added a section from the Chaos Sorcerers staff to lengthen it. A Chaos Combi-Bolter replaced the hammer head with the grip and iron sight etc removed and the blade from a Combi-Flamer stuck to the top of the bolter/rear of the weapon.
Will be adding some extra bits and pieces to the mini when I get to putting it together properly to make him stand out as the leader of the force.

I'll post some background for the army soon once I've settled on exactly what I'm going with!

Playing with colour schemes at the minute which is essentially a great excuse for messing about with this!