Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bags of fun - Zoraida.

Well this model was bags of fun to paint. Sometimes I find it hard to keep abreast of all the painting I have to do, but I make sure I get through it so I don't end up looking like a boob!

Breast jokes aside (but only because I can't think of anymore clean ones), Zoraida was my latest figure done. I still have a mature nephilim to go and some more silurids, and then after that a super secret joint Games Workshop effort from myself and Elazar is coming, stay tuned!


Friday, 22 April 2011

Well Hung - Jack Daw.

So the latest addition to my Zoraida crew is Jack Daw. He was a lovely mini to work on, and the sculpt has loads of character. He's pretty much my star player in most of the games I've played with the crew so far. Plenty of fun little rules in Malifaux for him to take advantage of, and lets face it there's just something about a hanging jiggly dancing man that is cool!

More updates to follow, I'm painting Zoraida herself over the next couple of days, and then I'm onto a Mature Nephilim!


Friday, 15 April 2011

The Soulless Life - Leveticus - Steampunk Necromancer

Many individuals find themselves in Malifaux as convict labor or the unfortunate victims of unforgiving contracts to the Guild. A small few have come to reside in Malifaux with their own purpose, to find in Malifaux their fortune. Leveticus is one such individual.

Malifaux provides many things to a man like Leveticus. Foremost, he has the privacy to pursue interests that would be considered distasteful in a more civilized environment. In the art of combining steel and bone, cog and sinew, Leveticus is a savant. Within his well-equipped offices, his own body has received augmentation, and despite his advanced age, the man is well-suited to the rigors of this frontier city.

He is almost always attended by his apprentice, a young woman named Alyce. She too bears evidence of his craft, her left arm replaced by a mechanical prosthetic. Together, the operate Captivating Salvage and Logistics, which offers a wide variety of services. Many of those services are legitimate, but a pragmatic man like Leveticus can often be found conducting more illicit affairs.

There are many who disapprove of the relationship between the wizened Leveticus and the young Alyce, rumourmongers trading tales of inappropriate conduct between the two. The rumours don't seem to impact the success of their business, however, as they have a reputation for getting things done.


I finished painting Leveticus, the master of my crew. His is a lovely mini with lots of great little details. It was a real pleasure to paint. I say that about all of Wyrd's miniatures. They really are great to work with even if you have no intention of playing Malifaux I think everyone should try painting a Wyrd Miniature sculpt just to get a feel for something a bit different!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm right here in your picture frame...

Well the night I was born,
Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red,
The night I was born,
I swear the moon turned a fire red.

Well, My poor mother cryin' out,
"Oh lord the gypsy was right"
And I seen her fell down dead,
Have mercy.......


Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Soulless Life - Bête Noire

None know who or what Bête Noire was in life, but the silent horror she has become in undeath now stalks the City's countless shadowy side alleys in search of victims, usually individuals who have delivered death to another in some fashion. Cloaked in an inky shroud of darkness, she toys with her prey before overtaking them. Despite her murderous intentions, her victims' prayers for a quick death are ignored; instead they are subjected to brutal torture and mutilation before they are allowed the release of death. Guild Guard who have discovered her handiwork generally report feelings of hopelessness and despair being almost tangible in the air, and many are haunted by vivid images and nightmares for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to paint her differently from the Wyrd colour scheme as I'm not a massive fan of it so I went with my wife's suggestion of painting her like the Corpse Bride. However, part way in I realised I really disliked the blue skin tone so went for a colour closer to what I'll be using on Leveticus' Hollow Waifs when I get to them.

Leveticus is next to be painted. Thanks to AndyB of A Fistful of Soulstones fame I now I have an idea for how to paint him. To that end, I've greenstuffed some cuffs onto his jacket.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Soulless Life - Lots of Pictures

Done some more work on my The Desolate & The Soulless crew for Malifaux. Got a long way to go before I catch up to James and have a fully painted crew (his Pandora led, Legion of Sorrows crew is awesome and to be found here)

Finished the third and fourth Steampunk Abominations

The four Steampunk Abominations together:

and with Rusty Alyce:

Rusty Alyce had some more photos taken which came out slightly better than the ones in the previous post:

Lastly, a sneak peek at what I'm working on next:

Friday, 1 April 2011

Legion of Sorrows - Complete!

Well that's all my neverborn for Pandoras crew done! I'll probably add more in the future, but I need to concentrate on Mcmournings crew for a while. I'd like to come back and add Zoraida for brawls and to use as a master with stuff I already have once in a while, but for now I'm happy that my first crew is done!

Here's a group shot followed by some more detailed shots of Pandora herself.

Hope you like them!