Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Soulless Life - Bête Noire

None know who or what Bête Noire was in life, but the silent horror she has become in undeath now stalks the City's countless shadowy side alleys in search of victims, usually individuals who have delivered death to another in some fashion. Cloaked in an inky shroud of darkness, she toys with her prey before overtaking them. Despite her murderous intentions, her victims' prayers for a quick death are ignored; instead they are subjected to brutal torture and mutilation before they are allowed the release of death. Guild Guard who have discovered her handiwork generally report feelings of hopelessness and despair being almost tangible in the air, and many are haunted by vivid images and nightmares for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to paint her differently from the Wyrd colour scheme as I'm not a massive fan of it so I went with my wife's suggestion of painting her like the Corpse Bride. However, part way in I realised I really disliked the blue skin tone so went for a colour closer to what I'll be using on Leveticus' Hollow Waifs when I get to them.

Leveticus is next to be painted. Thanks to AndyB of A Fistful of Soulstones fame I now I have an idea for how to paint him. To that end, I've greenstuffed some cuffs onto his jacket.


sechs said...

Very nice mini !

How did you paint the white for the dress ?? What colors did you used please ? =)

Daughters of the Emperor said...

Nice! your Bête Noire is way different looking than mine. I suppose I should finish mine up now.. Thanks for the inspiration to finish her!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the comments guys! The pictures make her flesh look a very different tone to what it actually came out, will try and get some better ones!

@sechs: The white was a basecoat of Space Wolves Grey and I just mixed in more and more white to highlight up leaving the SWG in the folds etc. The last highlight was pure Skull White.

@Daughters of the Emperor: Go, finish her! She's a lovely mini! :D