Sunday, 26 December 2010

Flames Of War Romanian Puscasi Platoon & Sixes To Hit Wargaming Blog

Check out this great little guide to painting a Romanian Puscasi platoon for Flames of War on the new Sixes to Hit hobby blog

Also worth pointing out that these Romanians are now up on ebay so if you're looking at getting a Romanian force for Flames of War (especially following the recent Stalin's Europe release which includes a Late War Romanian briefing).

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
From The Glorious Works

Thursday, 23 December 2010

More Destroyed Vehicle Markers


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Firestorm Berlin Campaign Map

Well it's taken a bit of work but I finally have my Flames of War campaign map drawn up!

Now all that's left to do is make up all the counters etc and we can get things underway!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Flames of War Campaign - Firestorm Berlin

Currently working on a Flames of War Campaign that I'm calling Firestorm Berlin. It's going to use the Firestorm rules from the Bagration and Market Garden box sets with some tweaks of my own to make it work for me and my gaming club.

One thing I'm changing is swapping the set Firestorm troops for generic counters. There are two reasons for this change. One is to make it a lot easier for me to represent the custom map in digital format. The second is to make it easier for my group to game. Instead, each counter will count as a set number of points chosen as 'free' support platoon from Fortress Europe. This way, the players can squeeze something extra into their list without having to buy models specifically for that purpose. It increases the flexibility and potential fun of the campaign for everyone.

The campaign starts in December 1944 with the front lines set as they were before the commencement of the Ardennes Offensive. This seemed a great point at which to start as across the map of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany etc. things are fairly even. The allies are going to have the advantage to represent the fact that they were on the offensive at this point.

I'm going to have a few more posts about this and go into greater detail soon. The map will be finished shortly and once the campaign is underway I'll be posting reports up on here to show it's progress. I'll also make the rules sections that I write available for others to use but for obvious reasons Battlefront Firestorm rules will not be appearing on here!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Marder III M Tank Hunter Platoon

Now that the Panzerjäger Platoon is finished I'm trying to decide whether to paint my Sturmtigers, Henschel HS192B3s or some Panzergrenadiers.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Marder III M Platoon - WIP, Nearly Finished

Working on the crew at the moment but except some finishing touches (and decals) the Marders are very nearly finished.

Trying to decide what to work on next. Sturmtigers, Henschels or the Infantry...?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Ebay Stuff

Some of the minis my friend has listed on ebay here will be finishing soon. There are lots of bits and a good few of them carry on into tomorrow as well.

On the subject of ebay listings. I will have some more of the Destroyed Vehicle Markers to go up soon. Waiting for a break in the snow so that I can work on them!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

WIP Tank Hunter Platoon - Marder III M

Still got a lot to do on these but a WIP picture of one of the platoon.

The camo scheme is based on this one from the Panzer Colors series of books.

Hopefully pics from a more advanced stage soon!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black Templars + Imperial Guard On Ebay

A friend of mine has listed some of his painted minis on ebay you can see them all here. Below are pictures of a few examples . I'm sure you'll agree they're definitely worth a look!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Flames of War - Stalin's Europe

Stalin's Europe is the latest Eastern Front book release for Flames of War, released 20th November. It covers the Soviet Invasion of Hungary in October 1944 up to the bloody Siege of Budapest in February 1945. The history section of the book and numerous other sources can describe these events in much better detail than I ever could so I'll focus straight on the Intelligence Briefings (army lists) in the book!

Stalin's Europe contains 8 Intelligence Briefings split amongst the Soviet, Romanian, German and Hungarian forces.


First up is the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps, a tank battalion made up primarily of lend-lease 76mm Shermans. This provides an interesting alternative to the T34 led Tankovy briefings and amongst their support options the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps can pick the new SU-100 which is definitely a big-tank eating beastie! The 9th Guards Mechanised Corps also includes the book's first Warrior - Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza. A company commander with some rather handy special rules, in particular the Second In Command rule which allows him to take the place of the Battalion Commander for the sake of Battalion Morale checks should the Commander have fallen and thus sparing you the auto-loss! Another great rule of his is the Spetsnaz Loza rule which can allow him to infiltrate his own company and an infantry company at the start of the game!

The second Soviet briefing is for the Storm Battalion. This represents the organisation of the rifle divisions in the Siege of Budapest. The Shturmovye Groups give you an amazing flexibility. Each storm team in the group can be deployed as one of many types of team from HMGs, Anti-tank guns and 122mm Howitzers and plenty in between! These are chosen before deployment so I can imagine the Storm Battalion becoming a popular tournament choice due their ability to adapt themselves to the mission and opponent being played. Initially I have to admit to looking at this list and thinking it was a mostly standard Soviet Infantry battalion but on second glance it looks to me to be one of the most interesting in the book and strikes me as being one of the most popular!


The Romanian Infantry Battalion is a characterful briefing for those wishing to use Romanians in a Late War setting but it's very much the same fare as many Soviet Infantry Battalions but with Romanian traits such as Peasant Army & Hated Enemy. Didn't really do much for me but I'm guessing there will be more than a few that will see its charm!


Both German lists are from the Feldherrnhalle kampfgruppes who fought in against the Soviet invaders in Hungary and in particular during the Siege of Budapest. The first is the Armoured Company. This is a fairly standard German tank company but with the option of taking the new Panzer IV/70 for company command and combat platoon tank teams. There are also the more standard choices like Panzers and Panthers (although these are the newer Panther Gs). With Königstigers amidst the support choices there's plenty of scope for big-tank mayhem!

To me the Feldherrnhalle Infantry Company is the more interesting and unique of the two German briefings. The Feldherrnhalle's unique rules are there for the infantry. Firstly is the Field Fortifications rule to represent their defence of Budapest and amongst the fortifications are the Street Barricades (familiar to anybody who has read the Armia Krajowa briefing that was part of  Project Warsaw) which grant concealment and bulletproof cover to infantry and gun teams manning them. The Feldherrnhalle also have the Street Brawlers rule which can enable Infantry Command teams the ability to hit on 2+ against infantry and gun teams in an assualt. This is to represent the core of veterans who fought as Brown shirts in the running street battles of Germany against the police and militant communists in Germany during the Nazi Party's rise. This is a good defensive infantry list with lots of character and a real punch when they get to fight a battle on their own terms.


The Hungarian lists are in my opinion the most interesting as they bring the most new toys! Amongst the popular German tanks and assault guns are the unique Hungarian ones such as the Turán and Toldi tanks which feature in the Hungarian Tank Company. A relatively standard Panzer Company as far as options go but with Tiger tanks and the Turáns and Toldis thrown in for a unique Hungarian flavour. There's also the option to take some support platoons from the German lists (the Germans can do likewise with a few Hungarian allied platoons). The Hungarian tank company also includes the book's second Warrior - Föhadnagy Ervin Tarczay. A few useful special rules see Tarczay as being an interesting choice for the Hungarian tank company. Around the flanks gives him the Stormtrooper move which he can use instead of using the Hungarian Huszár move (which is similar but carried out in the Shooting step in place of firing). His other rules see him rerolling misses from his tank's main gun and rerolling failed saves against gun teams when hit by defensive fire. Combined with a choice of which tank to mount him in these certainly create an interesting attack oriented warrior for the Hungarians.

The Hungarian Assault Gun Company is interesting in that it uses the Zrínyi assault howitzer to form the core of the company which is a great looking machine and the new mini for it has a real appeal all of its own. You can also use Stug Gs or Hetzers if you want a more Germanic feel to the company.

The Infantry Company is another good defensive infantry briefing with a whole host of options to pick from including Field Fortifications such as the Street Barricades. The special rules for the Infantry see them able to reroll their skill tests to Dig In and another rule that allows them to make an Immediate Ambush with an infantry or gun platoon at the start of their first turn.

All in all I think Stalin's Europe is a really great book. Full of all the best flavours of the Eastern Front there are a host of interesting Intelligence Briefings inside and I'd really recommend everybody giving it a look over as there's quite a lot there to choose from including some potentially big ones when it comes to the competitive scene!

Images all property of Battlefront Miniatures. All rights reserved. 

Sunday, 14 November 2010

3. SS-Panzerdivision Totenkopf - SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Lindenau

A pretty much finished SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Lindenau. A couple of little tweaks to make but otherwise done. I've used a little creative licence on the base and put him on his own. He and his 2iC are going to be based alone just so its clear with teams are which and also because whilst I've painted the other two men for his base it left very few options. It's difficult enough getting the ruined Warsaw bases looking good on the small bases as it is without removing all the surface area to work with and replacing it with minis!


The MG teams etc on medium sized bases will be better as there'll be a bit more interaction with the minis and the base if that makes sense.

Lots more to be getting on with now. Suffice to say, one of these platoons are no longer in blisters and are half way through getting a coat of dunkelgelb!


Thursday, 11 November 2010

3. SS-Panzerdivision Totenkopf - Getting Started

I've started building and painting my 3. SS-Panzerdivision Totenkopf Mechanised Company. To start with a few WIP pictures of what I'm making a start on. Me being me, I will of course start with a character!

SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Lindenau

I'm quite pleased with him so far, few tiny bits to tidy up and then the rest of the HQ to paint and base! For my first painted figure at this scale I think he's come out quite well and I'm pleased with the pea dot camouflage even though most of isn't especially visible on him.

On to the unpainted and still being built things starting with 1 of 3 half tracks (this one being Lindenau's wheels).


A WIP Panzer IV H got a couple of little details to add on to this one before its ready to be painted.


WIP Sturmtigers, got a few bits to do still to each of these before they're ready to be painted.




Any and all feedback appreciated seeing as I'm a FoW Noob Painter!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Gorewing - Army Shot

Click for a bigger image

Remember, these guys can be found on ebay here

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Gorewing - Complete (Image Heavy)

It's taken a long time but I'm finally finished with The Gorewing! You'll have to forgive my poor photography skills on these. Will try and get an army shot tomorrow to show The Gorewing as a whole. As I mentioned previously these were destined for ebay upon their completion. They've served me well, finishing 5th in a tournament and generally playing well and more importantly they're a fun army to game with. If you're interested in these you can find them by searching on ebay for "Gorewing"

Kaldor Foe-render Slaughter-Lord of The Gorewing

Murder-Squad Nuthor

Murder-Squad Vilan

Rogoth The Berzerker

Zakarn The Frenzied

Land Raider Crusader