Monday, 6 February 2012

Top 5 Minis I've Not Gotten To Yet!

Been a little longer coming than I'd hoped but I wanted to do a post of the top 5 ideas in my head for minis or armies I want to build/paint but haven't gotten around to for whatever reason! I'm starting at number 1 for these... just because I can!

1. Slaaneshi Raptors

I really love the imagery and fluff for Chaos Raptors. The current minis are really nice but with previously only the metal minis to represent them I've never taken that step into making an army of them as I'd like to! The Finecast box makes it a little more tempting as the Finecast resin would make it much easier to convert them but there's still not really enough variety here to make an army. If the rumoured plastic Raptors end up becoming a reality and they've kept the feel of the current guys then there's a very real chance that I'll grab a load of them and try and put this force together!

2. Corrupted Eldar Avatar

The current Chaos Daemons codex has a brilliant little fluff snippet titled The Fall Of Kher-Ys and it tells the tale of a Keeper of Secrets beguiling an Eldar maiden so that the daemonic legions of Slaanesh can gain access to the craftworld and harvest the souls of the race that birthed She Who Thirsts. At the end of the fluff snippet it describes the Keeper of Secrets possessing the Avatar of Khaine and leading the daemons of Slaanesh using the form of the Eldar's own demi-god. I would really love to convert and paint an Avatar being corrupted from within by a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. A mono-Slaanesh daemon army always lurks as a lingering want at the back of my mind and certainly even as a one-off mini I'd love to make this conversion.

3. The Dornian Heresy

Post Heresy Blood Angel by Madscuzzy

This is quite a vague one granted. First off, if you don't know what the Dornian Heresy is then you need to go here. The Dornian Heresy is full of lots of great ideas for alternative Space Marine forces. I always fall more to the chaotic side of things so for me the big draws are forces like the Nurgle worshipping Blood Angels above, Slaaneshi White Scars, Tzeentchian Raven Guard or the Khornate Space Wolves. Any and all of these hold some temptation for me as far as modelling and painting projects go and at some point I might try putting together a squad of each just for fun!

4. Beastmen

Image property of Games Worskhop

Again another vague heading here. As I mentioned in the last post I really love the Beastmen minis but find the Beastmen army in fantasy as it currently stands rather dull. I'm desperately trying to shoe-horn Beastmen minis into an army project, any army project. The two front-runners in my mind right now are Daemons using only Beastmen minis or Beastmen converted to be Imperial Guardsmen. Both ideas seem pretty fun in my head but both if pushed to the army level would probably require quite a lot of minis and seeing as how I'm quite poor currently at sticking to a project this is an idea probably best saved for another one-off unit etc!

5. A Primarch

The Primarchs property of The Black Library

I'm guessing almost everybody would put one of these guys on their list! Not sure which one I'd like to model and paint most. Probably Angron or perhaps tie it in with the Dornian Heresy stuff and do Sanguinius or Corax! Anyway, this is certainly more in the one off category as there's unlikely to be a great deal of use for a Primarch mini in an army but I'm still a long way off in my hobby skills from being able to do justice to any of the primarchs so this is certainly a future project!

Granted this is a rather vague post a lot of the time but I thought I'd share a few ideas that are going around in my head. Perhaps they'll inspire somebody or somebody has already done some of them and wants to share what they've created! All comments are very welcome!

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