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The Storm God - Part 2 The Fameseeker

The Bretonnians had been true to their word as Rumpolt was to his. They spared his life and he began to lead them through the wastes to where the Storm God slumbered. Their intentions for being in this place were noble which often gave Rumpolt cause to chuckle to himself. Such ideals, how quickly they would be perverted out here in the wastes. For their part the Bretonnians ignored his ramblings and random fits of laughter, but seemingly they still thought him sane enough to lead their way. They ignored him when he told them the stories of his dreams, the stories that the daemon, Elazar planted there. Although Rumpolt was careful to keep that small detail to himself. As they made camp once more, finding what shelter they could from the now driving rains, Rumpolt fell into his day dreaming.

The story was the same now as it had been since he’d been borne away by the Bretonnian Knights. He dreamt of a giant of a man, a warrior of the north who swore his soul to the daemon, Elazar. In his service he won great renown, slaying all the enemies the daemon sent him after. The warrior had taken the name Lord Kemen The Infamous and warriors flocked to his banner eager for a chance to share in his glory. A roving tribe of Hung had descended upon the lands Kemen laid claim to. Slaughtering the armies of Kemen’s lieutenants and taking the skulls as offerings to the Blood God. Lord Kemen brought the Hung to battle, amongst the carnage he sought out the rival champion leading the Hung on their rampage. The two warriors made their oaths to their patrons and after a bloody combat Lord Kemen had slain the Hung chieftain. He took the heart of his fallen rival and burnt it in offering to the daemon. Elazar in return showed great favour to Kemen, he descended onto the battlefield on glorious white wings and made gift of an exquisite blade. Lord Kemen took the offered blade and felt the mirrored hunger for glory that coursed through the sword as if it were a living thing. The sword and Kemen were a perfect match, their same need for fame bonding them in a way no warrior and a weapon of the mortal realm could. Fate had other far less glorious plans for Lord Kemen though. Despite being leaderless the Hung didn’t cease their own campaign. They plagued Kemen’s armies as they marched to make war in Elazar’s name. The Hung performed constant hit and run attacks but wouldn’t be brought to battle. The Daemon, like all beings of chaos was fickle and soon Elazar’s gaze fell elsewhere and despite the successes he later reaped Kemen couldn’t recapture the undivided attention of his patron and fell into a sullen depression. His army shrank as many left in search of greater glories and Kemen could feel the resentment the sword he wielded now held for him.
One day that all changed. A young warriors known as Luken The Sixth Born marched his growing warband into Kemen’s lands. Lord Kemen The Infamous rode out to meet this warrior. Kemen felt the gaze of Elazar upon his new champion and he and his blade rejoiced at the opportunity they had been presented with. The sword’s ravenous hunger for the glory of victory overtook Kemen and he issued a challenge to the young warrior. The years of inaction made Lord Kemen slow and Luken, basking in the attention of his patron, took the upper hand. Betrayed by the weakness of its master the sword leapt from Lord Kemen’s hands and landed at the feet of this glorious new warrior. Luken ignored the blade and ended the life of Lord Kemen with his own.
Elazar descended from the heavens once more and gave the blade to the remnants of Lord Kemen’s warband. He ordered them to build a great tomb to honour their former master in death. They were ordered to place his sword at his side and spend the rest of their existence guarding him in his final resting place.
Years of toil above and below ground were finished and Lord Kemen’s tomb was complete. Each of the entrances marked by great monoliths telling of the magnificent deeds of Lord Kemen. His followers entered the tomb and never again stepped foot above ground, guarding the remains of Lord Kemen and his sword The Fameseeker.

Rumpolt recounted the tale daily to his captors but they seemingly dismissed it for madness. However, when a monolith was spotted in the distance Rumpolt felt a growing anticipation amongst the Bretonnians. When they approached the monolith and saw it told tales of Lord Kemen the greatest amongst their ranks ordered the army to make camp and descended into the tomb. Rumpolt envied them, the rain was constant now, the skies eternally dark. Looking into the distance Rumpolt smiled. The Bretonnians had been watched by others. Soon they would all get to witness the reawakening of the Storm God…


The characters dismount and descend into Lord Kemen’s tomb. Overpowering the smell of damp and dust is the scent of a quite potent opiate. Instantly the characters can feel a blissful sluggishness about themselves but realising that to succumb to its effects would ruin them they shake their heads clear and resist the urging voices at the back of their minds telling them to breathe deep of it and enjoy its sweet release.

Getting Started
The scenario is played on a board. The player with Rumpolt Staudinger in custody deploys first and takes the first turn. The other players roll off to decide their deployment order. (The players take their turns in this order also. The player with Rumpolt goes first regardless of any other benefits and/or penalties so praying Bretonnians will still go first!).
The guardians of Lord Kemen’s tomb always go after each of the players.
Each player receives 3 Dice of Heroic Destiny.

The players place all their characters in their marked deployment spaces.

Exploring Lord Kemen’s Tomb
The game is played following the normal turn sequence.

Models with US1 move as skirmishers and have a 360° LOS.
Charges are not declared. A character needs only to be in a square adjacent to a model to be able to attack it in the close combat phase.
Models can walk or run. Walking pace is equal to the model’s movement characteristic in squares on the board. The model can move to any unoccupied square.
A model can also run this is done at twice the pace of walking. If a model runs it cannot shoot or cast spells that turn.
Opening a door counts as an additional square of movement on top of the movement required to reach the door and move through it.
Models cannot move back to the square they started their movement phase in and still count as moving. If they do this then they count as having been inactive in their movement phase.

Magic works as normal with the following exceptions.
Spells that target an enemy directly or indirectly will always require LOS regardless of the normal rules of the spell.
All ranges should be halved within the confines of Lord Kemen’s Tomb.

Shooting works as normal with the following exceptions.
Shooting attacks that target an enemy directly or indirectly will always require LOS regardless of the normal rules of the spell.
All ranges should be halved within the confines of Lord Kemen’s Tomb.

Combat works slightly differently to normal.
Combats are fought in initiative order unless a model should be striking first or last due to special rules of equipment. Models with equal initiative should each roll a dice; the highest result determines who gets to strike first.
There is no combat resolution to calculate. Combats are fought out and if both sides survive then the combat will continue in subsequent turns until the models are no longer in base contact.
Models can allocate their attacks against any model in base combat and can split their attacks between targets as they choose.
All combats count as being fought to the front regardless of the position of the actual models. Therefore models will get the additional armour bonus for using a hand weapon and shield etc.
Models are not locked in combat and are free to move in their movement phase if they are able to.

Psychology works mostly as normal.
As with all other ranges inches should be interpreted as squares.
BSBs allow a re-roll to all psychology tests within 12 squares.

The Opiate
A heady opiate pervades Lord Kemen’s Tomb. The product of great sorceries carried out in the name of Elazar and the Prince of Excess. The opiate numbs the mind and limbs, providing a joyous release from the strain of existence, at least those are the whispered promises of the voices speaking with the heads of all in the Tomb. They urge the characters to surrender themselves to the intoxicating bliss of nothingness.
Whilst the characters focus on their goal they manage to ignore the effects of the sorcerous opiate. However, in inaction the characters are vulnerable to intoxication.
At the end of the movement phase any character that has stood motionless must roll a D6, on a roll of a 1 or 2 they have succumbed to the opiate. A character that falls victim to the opiate cannot shoot or cast spells this turn. Until their next movement phase their weapons skill and initiative are halved (rounding down). If a character has already succumbed once to the power of the opiate then its addictive qualities will make them more prone in future. Any further tests are failed on rolls of a 1, 2, or 3.

The Guardians
The remnants of Lord Kemen’s warband sealed themselves in their masters tomb to guard over him and his sword The Fameseeker. Each room occupied by a guardian will contain a dice until a character has LOS to the contents of that room. More than one dice means more than 1 guardian. The player that discovers the contents rolls any dice present there to determine what they represent.
1, 2, or 3 – Chaos Warrior
4 or 5 – Chaos Marauder
6 – The guardian has fallen completely to the opiate’s embrace and is unable to respond to the invasion of his master’s tomb.

The guardians of Lord Kemen’s Tomb have wilfully abandoned themselves to the effects of the opiate, indeed their sorcerers created it. All guardians count as being affected by the opiate but they are still able to move but only at a walking pace.
If the guardian has fought in combat this game turn then the numbing effects of the opiate begin to lift as they remember their purpose with renewed vigour. They can move as normal (including running) and their initiative returns to normal. (Their weapon skill is still halved). At the end of their turn all guardians fall back into the depths of the opiate.

The winner is the player to get one of his characters to the resting place of Lord Kemen and take The Fameseeker. This is done by moving into an adjacent square to where the sword lies.

Each slain guardian is worth +1 Experience Point.
The character that reaches The Fameseeker gains +5 Experience Points.

The Fameseeker
The character that reaches the weapon will have to choose whether to take the sword and wield it in their quest to slay the Storm God or to destroy the weapon and not let such a creation of chaos out into the world once more.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Gorewing - Making GS Press-Moulds

Whilst I wait to start on the cool stuff I'm working on the little side projects that will be part of much bigger projects. Vague? Sorry. Currently I'm building a right handed chainfist for Rogoth The Berzerker but I've also been making a press-mould of Khorne's skull-rune. So I thought I'd document how I did this for anybody that is interested.

To start out you'll need

Green stuff
A base within which to make the mould. I used a 25mm circle base.
The item you wish to make a mould of (in this case the skull-rune from the chaos vehicle sprue)
I also have a second base and the square 40mm one but I'll explain them as we go along.

Mix enough green stuff to fill the recess of the base.


Smooth this out when you're done. Then take the item you wish to make a mould of and give it a good coating in cooking oil or some such, this acts as a release agent for later on. Once it's oiled up place it on the green stuff.


One of the key things to making a press mould is keeping everything straight when you press it in. To do this I used the flat side of another 25mm circle base (make sure to oil up this base too) pushed down by the flat of the 40mm base.


Now you'll have to wait for the green stuff to cure.


Once it has cured you should be able to remove the item. You might need a thin bladed knife or some such to carefully lever it out if it's a very flat object (as this was). Be careful as the knife can very easily slip as the item can sometimes be quite snug in the mould.
You should then have something that looks like this


Now to make a copy of this item you first have to cover the mould in oil, again to act as a release agent and stop everything sticking together and getting wrecked.


If you then roll out another ball of green stuff and you press this into the mould using the same method as you did with the item. Trying to keep it as flat and straight as possible. Make sure to use plenty of oil on anything that will touch the greenstuff to stop things sticking.


Leave this to cure again. Lots of waiting for this!
Once it's cured you should be able to 'peel' away the green stuff from your mould and have a clone of your item.


All you have to do then is cut away the excess green stuff with a sharp blade as I've mostly finished doing in the pic below.


You can then repeat this as necessary.

Hope that was of some use!

The Gorewing - Some Background

Kaldor Foe-render bore witness to the siege of the Emperor’s Palace. He saw first hand the destruction meted out by his battle brothers and his Primarch, Angron. Although of the elite 1st company at the time of the siege Kaldor was a largely inconsequential marine. It was in the period of time known as The Scouring in the Imperium that Kaldor came to the fore. A dark time for his legion as they fought an endless withdrawal following the defeat of the Warmaster Horus. Kaldor seized the opportunity to take command of the splintered bands of marines that fled with him. A series of bloody encounters with the loyalist forces ensured the loyalty of those that followed him but in such a brutal and murderous age they weren’t of any great note to the historians of the Imperium.
It is centuries later that Kaldor’s name first appears in Imperial Records. He led a warband of World Eaters first company marines. Each outfitted in Tactical Dreadnought Armour they added their considerable might to Abaddon’s First Black Crusade. Sowing mayhem and reaping a dark tally of skulls for the Blood God to whom they were now completely in thrall. In each subsequent Crusade and numerous other incursions Kaldor Foe-render earns a mention with his bloody work. The Genocide of Fardis IV, the Slaughter of Bloodwash Falls and The Ilarin Incident to name a few, each grim events in the history of the Imperium but the bright feathers in Kaldor’s cap as he rose to prominence in the service of Khorne.
As the original members of his warband fell another would don their armour, no few times the same marine that had killed its previous wearer. Only a select few of the original World Eaters remain in Kaldor’s warband but all wear the legion armor with great pride in readiness for the day when their lord Angron calls them to slaughter once more.

The Lunar Gorger
An ancient strike cruiser that served the World Eaters throughout the Great Crusade. It’s original name is forgotten but it was renamed the Lunar Gorger after its impressive kill tally in the destruction of the Lunar Naval Bases before Horus’ assault on Terra itself. When the remnants of the World Eaters fled after the Warmaster’s demise one of the many marines on the cruiser was Kaldor Foe-render, who would later command it. Even though it has been outfitted several times in recompense for Kaldor’s presence in Abaddon’s Black Crusades the ships systems are in disrepair. Couple with the fact that Kaldor abhors Sorcerers and Psychics its navigational systems are severely limited and its teleporter banks are dangerously inaccurate. A skeleton crew, also loaned by the Black Legion, keep the ship operational and the World Eaters take over when the Thunderhawks are ready to launch for an assault, spending most of their time until then locked in gladiatorial combats.


The Landraider’s engine roared ferociously before the landing craft had even touched down, champing at the bit to get amongst the men of the planetary defence force and wreak blood havoc. Lasgun shots caused no more than superficial damage on the twisted Thunderhawk and its deadly cargo as it landed on the main road through the city. A heavy stubber was positioned atop the roof of a sentry tower that stood over a usually busy crossroads. The tower was a relic of the old city limits and the bitter territorial struggles with the green skins that had been fought centuries before. Now it looked out of place in the commercial sector but commanded a good view of the city streets. The stubber rained shots down on one of the Landraiders as it disengaged from the Thunderhawk. Shells tinged off its heavy armour and it raced defiantly towards the sentry tower, banks of bolters on its side sponsons unloading explosive shells at the men in the streets. The Landraider hurtled towards the frame of the sentry tower, powering through one of the plasteel legs that held it up. The sound of buckling metal filled the air as the Landraider emerged from under the tower and disgorged the murderers within.
“Blood for the Blood God!” came the frenzied chant, audible over the sound of the sentry tower collapsing, the weapon team atop it lost in the wreckage. “Blood for the Blood God! Blood for the Blood!”
The guardsmen turned to face the Terminators unleashing a fusillade of Lasgun fire into them as they began withdrawing into a narrow side street hoping to regroup with the other units of their garrison. The guardsmen couldn’t move fast enough and maintain their fire patterns and the Terminators advanced implacably through the hail of shooting. Bolter shots responded, tearing men down and the Terminators closed ground on the retreating guardsmen. A roar went up as two of the terminators were barged aside by another of their number adorned in a cape, his armour decorated with many grisly trophies. He was a head taller than his fellows and once at the front of the throng of Terminators he sprinted, impossibly fast considering his cumbersome armour, towards the fleeing men. The bolter mounted on his powerfist spat a barrage of shots and he swung his axe behind him ready to strike as he hurtled towards the nearest panic-stricken man. His axe clove the man’s head from his neck and the Terminator whirled into the next man, crushing him with an overhand blow from his fist. By this point the other had caught up and tore into the remaining guardsmen. Lifting the head of the first man he had killed and ramming it on the trophy rack on his armour the cloaked Terminator bellowed.
“Skulls for the Skull Throne!”

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Space Marine Banner Bearer

Ok. Future project... I really, really want to recreate this.

I intentionally used the poster style one here because it makes me laugh everytime. Anyhow, the picture is so plain awesome and every time I see it I want to start a Space Marine army. However, I have no intention of playing as Space Marines any time soon (not that sort anyway!) and I'm not convinced I want to stick religiously to the picture and make a Black Templar. Because I fancy painting something a bit more interesting than the Black Templars. So now to trawl through all the different chapter colour schemes to see one that jumps out. Does anybody have any good suggestions? I've always had a soft spot for the Imperial Fists since I started playing Space Crusade way back when so they seem like the next best choice (and seeing as the Templars are a second founding from the Fists it's not too massive a diversion from the original, ok it is, yellow instead of black is quite a change!). Also thought maybe Dark Angels, not least because I have some bits for them to give me a head start. Other suggestions so far have been Blood Angels and Blood Ravens (in particular reference to the standard bearing sergeant in the intro to Dawn of War). Any thoughts? How would you like to see this done?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Dark Emissary - Now On Ebay!

Ebay Auction

Pleased with how this one turned out. I really hope I've captured some element of the artwork I based the colour scheme on. He's now available on ebay. Please bid if you're interested as he will be helping to fund my new 40k army!
Comments and feedback appreciated as ever!

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Dark Emissary - A quick update

Time for an update! Still got a fair way to go with this yet but the colour scheme is starting to come together now.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Dark Emissary

Now, I know this blog has been dangerously erratic lately... I'm enjoying flitting between projects. Painting things from outside of my army is proving to be extremely refreshing and I hadn't realised how much I was feeling the hobby burn-out with my Fantasy army. It's very liberating painting other things.
Another mini that's been on my to paint list for a while now is the Dark Emissary. Such a superb sculpt, absolutely bursting with character. When trawling the interweb for inspiration for colour schemes I stumbled upon this awesome piece of artwork by Abrar Ajmal

Image copyright of Abrar Ajmal

So, colour scheme decided I built the model and stuck sand to the base.

I was tempted to do something extravagant with the base but I think this is a mini that will speak for itself without the need to be perched on a rock or some such so I'm going to do a nice simple fenland style base and focus my attention on replicating the colour scheme in the artwork.
Afte a few hours working on the red I have this

What are people's thoughts? I painted the red a lot differently to how I normally would and again it was quite refreshing to move outside of the comfort zones I've gotten into painting the Devotees. Obviously got a long way to go with everything else and a good few freehand spirals to do!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

WIP Dieter Helsnicht - The Doomlord

So... another side project is this fellow - Dieter Helsnicht The Doomlord

I've built the Manticore

I've put a lot of time into pinning all the components to make sure it stays durable (fingers crossed!). It still needs some green stuff work on the gaps and on the base in particular. I got the Warhammer Basing Kit as a present for christmas so it was nice to finally find a use for all the little resin base decorations as I didn't feel any of them fit with my armies.

Dieter is a mini I've wanted to build for about 15 years so it's nice to finally get to do so. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for a colour scheme on him and whether I'm going to try and replicate the banner in the picture or try something slightly different. Which leads to an important question... Does the mini for Dieter Helsnicht have any in game use nowadays? I know he could fit in a Warriors of Chaos army as a Sorcerer on a Manticore (he's the original owner of the Chaos Runesword as well so he fits doubly well!). Necromancers can't take Abyssal Terrors in the Vampire army book can they? So he'd have to be a counts as Vampire for them. Maybe a counts as Amethyst Wizard on a Pegasus for the Empire? But then we're starting to tread on rather unsteady ground I think...
Just trying to identify the target audience for him!
Thoughts, opinions and ideas are very welcome

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Storm God - Part 1: The Capture of Rumpolt Staudinger

First a quick repeat of the campaign rules and background...

The Storm God

Image property of Games Workshop

Most enlightened Sir,

I write with grave and worrying news. The heretic Rumpolt Staudinger has somehow escaped his imprisonment. His trial was still ongoing and upon a routine inspection his jailors found his cell to be empty and the only evidence that it had ever been occupied was this scrawled warning on the wall.

‘A storm approaches. The heavens will be ripped asunder and the thunderous racket will awaken the slumbering Storm God. Dread Sharunock, Aaracturious. Glorious Elazar rouses his immortal servant for the war to come. Fear the storm!’

The man's insane rambling never seem to cease... I have dispatched riders as news reached me today that he has been sighted journeying north, sharing his mad prophecy with all who will listen. I pray that Sigmar will guide my men in recapturing the so-called Prophet of Elazar! Then I shall turn my attention to the distressing question of how a man as old and weak as Staudinger was able to escape...

Aldebrandt Veit
Witch Hunter Captain


Krakanrok The Black made a bargain with the Chaos Gods to buy his race's immortality, in exchange they offered their eternal servitude to their Gods' armies. Aaracturious, kin of Krakanrok and his children was present that fell day and played his own part in the outcome. Aaracturious has long since returned to his slumber, rousing occassionally after the most destructive of storms, ready to make war at the dark gods' calling.
The name of Aaracturious appears in the histories of the old world on numerous occasions over the centuries. The most well-known mention though is in the legend of King Arnaldo…
Arnaldo was a Tilean who like so many sought a new life in the Border Princes. Of relatively high birth and upbringing he quickly rose to prominence in the colonies there. In the aftermath of a particularly brutal raid by Norscan pirates Arnaldo was made King of the budding port city of Gaderloc, on the Black Gulf. Whilst the legends all differ on its source, they all agree that the crown set upon his head was made from the purest gold and decorated with the most prized gems and also that it was magical in nature. Arnaldo went from a gifted young thinking man to a wise and powerful king. Indeed when the Norscan Hamund Gorebeard returned the next spring to raid the port Arnaldo met him in combat and bested him. Soon after, Arnaldo led and expedition north into the wastes. The stories say he wanted to subject the Norscans to their own devilry but the truth is unknown now. Whilst in the bitter lands of the north Arnaldo and his force had the misfortune of encountering the ancient Shaggoth, Aaracturious. Arnaldo was slain by the titanic beast and most of his army too. Those that returned told tales of the crown and the beast that had slain its wearer. They told of how the Shaggoth had taken the crown and wore it on his belt as a trophy.

Spies and informants whisper of Rumpolt's insane prophecies. Most write his words off as madness. But amongst some, the fires of ambition are stoked. The legend of King Arnaldo speaks of the value of his crown. Slaying the beast Aaracturious would be a deed to match the greatest heroes of legend. The wealth and power such things could bring a man are too hard to ignore...


'The Storm God' is going to be a small narrative campaign. It's going to be 3 games in length. The 3 games will be different scenarios and will be different from the standard Pitched Battle way of playing Warhammer.
The armies are heading north into the chaos wastes to hunt down and slay the legendary Shaggoth Aaracturious and to claim King Arnaldo's crown. Their motives may be for their own wealth, glory or power or maybe they're pure of heart and seek to do these things only to rid the world of a great evil and to regain a relic of the past.


Two big rules:
This is a story based campaign. That means words such as 'balance' and 'win' are now dirty words. The scenarios will hopefully help balance things out where there are problems but ultimately the main idea here is to have fun.

The campaign is character based and driven. The characters that people use will have to have their own name. (This also means no special characters of any sort). The name doesn't have to be anything fancy but this campaign is about these (anti) heroic personalities.

Army Rules:
Each player pics a 1000pt army with the following exceptions:
Only 250pts can be spent on characters.
Only 750 pts can be spent on the rest of the army. 2+ Core, 0-3 Special, 0-1 Rare.
No magic items are allowed. No runic items are allowed. Nothing that is bought from your magic items points allowance normally is allowed e.g. Virtues, Spites, Scavenge Pile etc.
No Daemonic Gifts, Gifts of Khaine, Vampiric Powers, Gifts of Chaos etc.
No Special characters
Marks of Chaos, Vows, Kindreds etc. are allowed.
Mounts are allowed. If they count as an additional Hero choice etc. then this rule still applies and the cost of the mount comes from the 250pt maximum allowance on characters. Please remember mounted characters require an alternate on foot model for one of the scenarios.

Campaign Rules:

I'm not going to insist on painted minis. However, I would love it if everyone could make the effort to have their characters painted at least. It's not essential though so don't feel that you have to...

Wizards will roll for spells at the beginning of the campaign and keep these spells for all 3 scenarios.

Characters will gain experience as the campaign progresses. Characters will gain:

5 pts for surviving a scenario.
5 pts for killing a unit champion
10pts for killing a rival character
10pts for killing a large target
10pts for the winning general of a scenario

There will be other bonus experience points linked with a scenario and these will be explained in the scenario rules.

Everytime a character gains 10 experience points he will get to roll on the improvement chart below.
Roll a D6

1. +1 Ws
2. +1 S
3. +1 A
4. +1 Ld
5. +1 T
6. +1 W

A character can only get each improvement once, doubles should be re-rolled.

Wizards can instead choose to continue their study of the sorcerous arts. Before they roll on the improvement chart they can choose one of the three options below.
Great Scholar: The Wizard can roll a new spell. This should be of the Lore from which he rolled for his initial spell(s).
Great Caster: All of the Wizard's casting rolls are at +1
Great Protector: All of the Wizard's dispel rolls are at +1
Once an improvement has been picked the Wizard must roll on the D6 Improvement chart. The number rolled is the improvement that the Wizard skill is replacing. If this number is rolled again should then the Wizard should re-roll as he has already had this improvement.
Each Wizard Skill can only be picked once per character.

Warriors can instead choose to hone their martial skills. Before they roll on the improvement chart they can choose one of the three options below.
Great Attacker: The character's to hit rolls are at +1
Great Defender: The character's armour save is improved by 1.
Great Leader: All friendly units within 6" can use the characters leadership for psychology tests as if he were the army general. If the character is the army general then his leadership range is improved to 18"
Once an improvement has been picked the Warrior must roll on the D6 Improvement chart. The number rolled is the improvement that the Warrior skill is replacing. If this number is rolled again should then the Warrior should re-roll as he has already had this improvement.
Each Warrior Skill can only be picked once per character.

The Dice of Heroic Destiny™ For each scenario every player will get a number of Dice of Heroic Destiny™ (as determined by the scenario rules). Each dice allows you to re-roll one dice roll. It could be an armour save, a power dice, a result on the miscast table, a break test, a misfire roll etc. You can't re-roll a re-roll for any reason. If you have enough dice you can reroll the resut of a dice involving more than one dice. Re-rolls using The Dice of Heroic Destiny™ can cause or prevent a miscast or irresistable force. Once used a Dice of Heroic Destiny™ is spent and cannot be re-used.
One other use of The Dice of Heroic Destiny™ is to improve a ward save. For each dice spent in this way a model's ward save is increased by 1. If a model doesn't have a ward save then the first dice grants a 6+ ward save and so on. Ward saves gained or improved using The Dice of Heroic Destiny™ count as having been re-rolled already and under no grounds can the be re-rolled again through either a special rule of the use of further Dice of Heroic Destiny™

The campaign winner is the player in control of King Arnaldo's Crown at the end of the campaign. Of course it looks like this might be running 3 times over so I thought it'd be fun to have a league table as well. Experience points for characters will count as points on the league table so we'll have a table showing the best individual characters based on the experience they gain and another showing the most successful players based on the experience of all of their characters combined. This is of course a sideshow to the main aim of the campaign... to have fun!

4-Player Scenario Rules
Obviously, the Warhammer rules are designed for two opposing forces battling against one another. When you have four forces there are some rules issues that arise. I've tried to address them in a way that avoids having to relearn all the rules but still allows a little bit of the intrigue and sheer brutality you'd expect when four armies meet on the battlefield.

There are only ever two sides in a combat. When a third (or fourth) player charges a unit into a combat exisiting between two or more other players then he must charge in support of one of those players.


In the example above, the Chaos Knights (red) could charge in to combat supporting either the Orcs (green) or the Empire Militia (blue) depending on the choice of the player. This is declared as part of the charge declaration. If the Chaos Knights could only get into combat with the Militia then they'd have to combat them meaning they will support the Orcs in their combat. Until the combat is completely resolved a unit that supports another counts as being on the same side. This does not apply to any units not involved in the combat!
Generally combats are fought in the turns of the two players involved in them following all the normal rules. If a combat involves more than two players then the combat is fought in the turn of each player involved. This means that with 3 players a combat (if it lasts) will be fought 3 times in the same game turn and 4 times if there are 4 players involved. This represents the pace and brutality of a combat involving quite so many combatants.
Combats are resolved in the normal way. Charging units go first (if this applies to more than one unit then they go by initiative order etc as normal) etc. Combat resolution is calculated in the normal way. Supporting units add their resolution to the combat as if they were a unit in the same army as they are helping. For example, in the picture above, if the Knights charged into the combat and attacked the Orcs then their combat resolution would be added to that of the militia. As normal in a multiple combat you can only get the bonus for ranks, outnumber, banners etc. once.
Units flee, pursue, overrun as normal. Units count as being on the side they were on in the combat until all fleeing and pursuit moves have been made.

Each player casts spells in the magic phase of their turn as normal. However, the other players all generate dispel dice in their opponents' turn. Dispel dice can only be used by a player that the spell will effect, area of effect spells etc can effect more than one player so in this instance the players can pool their dispel dice to make a single roll. This follows all the normal rules. So if a double 1 is failed the dispel attempt automatically fails etc. Players can also give their own dispel dice to a player to aid them in dispelling a spell that doesn't target any of their own units. You can only give the army dispel dice in this way and not any dice generated by magic users. Likewise these army dice can be given to the casting player to aid him in casting a spell. If used (the player doesn't have to accept an offer of additional dice to dispel or cast!) then a resulting miscast only effects the wizard that attempted to cast the spell. As he attempts to channel all the additional magical energy something obviously goes wrong.

Part 1 - The Capture of Rumpolt Staudinger

Rumpolt Staudinger is a man of extraordinarily long life. He was already in the winter of his life when his path crossed with that of a mortal follower of the chaos gods. That man was known by the name Elazar The Glorified. Elazar was still a mortal man when he led a small warband to the Hospice for the Insane at Sensfeld. What had drawn him from the north to that place nobody will ever know. He and his followers stormed the Hospice and took great delight in slaughtering the many patients there. The good Sisters of Shallya who ran the hospice were bound in chains and led into the courtyard of the abbey that had become the Hospice. One patient alone was spared from the slaughter. Rumpolt Staudinger. Elazar marched the elderly man into the courtyard and let him witness the heinous act that followed. The Sisters of Shallya were crucified, foul runes daubed on their flesh, their souls offered as gifts to Slaanesh. It was this unholy act that earned Elazar the ultimate favour of the Serpent God. Rumpolt Staudinger witnessed Elazar's ascension into immortality. Elazar has kept Rumpolt alive through countless lives of men since then. The man is drawn to the great and terrible acts carried out by the Daemon and his followers, cursed to witness them all. To the Cult of Elazar that has sprung up in the wake of his tales he is a prophet, a mouthpiece of their idol.
To Elazar, Rumpolt is a toy, an oddity, a pet. Elazar protects and prolongs the life of the wretched old man but only so that he can have the pleasure of tormenting him, himself. Forcing him to witness and record the fell deeds done in his name. But that doesn't mean Rumpolt isn't important to Elazar. The daemon is the embodiment of the selfish vanity and ambition in man. Rumpolt catalogues the daemon's glories and in his maddened state shares them with the world. There are some who listen and find themselves drawn to the worship of the daemon and Elazar's power grows within the Realm of Chaos. His own mad ambitions slowly being realised...


Rumpolt journeyed north. He knew his steps would be dogged by the Witch Hunters but he knew that there was nothing they could do to him that would match the eternity of torment he’d be subjected to if he failed his daemonic master. Along the journey there were those that helped him, they offered food and shelter from his pursuers. He preached his warning to any who passed him but they thought him mad for the most part. Mad he might possibly be, but he knew the truth. Soon the forest roads gave way to open plains. Fevered dreams haunted Rumpolt’s nights so he gave up trying to sleep and continued walking in the darkness. He knew he had to bear witness to the Storm God’s reawakening. It was both his privilege and his curse.
As he journeyed ever northwards the landscape became barren and featureless. He knew he drew near to the wastes. To an observer he might have looked like a lost old man but despite there being no landmarks and having never seen his path before, Rumpolt knew exactly how to get to where he needed to be. His journey was halted though. In the distance he heard a shout go up, and then others followed suit. They’d finally caught up with him. He was too old and weak to put up any fight now. He tightened his grip on the stick he walked with. He whispered a plea to the daemon and stood silent, ready to face the wrath of his pursuers…


Rumpolt alone, amongst mortals at least, knows the path through the wastes to where the Storm God slumbers. Obviously, this makes him exceptionally valuable (alive!) to anybody who seeks Aaracturious and Arnaldo's fabled crown. So we start when the armies have spotted his silhouette in the distance as dark clouds start to fill the sky

Getting Started
The battlefield is a 4' by 4' square. To work out which player will deploy first each roll a d6 the player with the highest roll will deploy first, the next highest second, and so on. The players will take their turns in the order in which they deploy (unless a special rule says otherwise e.g. Bretonnians who pray will go last to play but can still deploy first).
Each player receives 2 Dice of Heroic Destiny™

The deployment zone of each player is a 18" long by 12" deep area from the centre of each table edge. The scouting elements of each army are the first to close the distance on Rumpolt Staudinger to reprsent this in the deployment phase only the following units are deployed in each players deployment zone:
Units with a movement characteristic of 7+ (after any modifications for barding etc)
Units with a random movement of 3D6 or greater
Units with the Fly special rule
Units with the Scouts special rule.
All of these units are deployed in their deployment zone. The player who deploys first, place ALL of his units elligible to start the game on the table before the next player deploys all of his and so on. No special rules for deployment such as ambush or scouts etc. have any effect. All units elligible must deploy in their deployment zone.
Rumpolt Staudinger starts in the centre of the table.

Remaining Troops
At the start of the remaining moves phase of each players turn the rest of their force will begin to arrive, those that arrive will depend on which game turn it is.
Turn 1: Units with a movement of 5+ or a random movement of 2D6.
Turn 2: Units with a movement of 4+ or a random movement of D6
Turn 3: All units that haven't already arrive do so.
Units arrive from their table edge and are treated as troops returning from pursuit off the table with the exception that if they are free to march they may.
Warmachines etc. are brought on based on the characteristic of their crew. Units with mixed movement (such as monsters and handlers) always move at the speed of the slowest member of that unit.
Characters can be brought on independently or with a unit. If they join a unit then they go at the speed of the slowest member as normal.

Rumpolt Staudinger
Rumpolt Staudinger cannot be harmed in any way and cannot be targeted for spells etc. If he would be hit by a template or an area effect spell etc he is not affected by it. Rumpolt does block arches and counts as an enemy troop to forces of any player who does not have him in custody. Troops cannot move within 1" or Rumpolt and must halt if they were to do so.
If Rumpolt isn't currently in the custody of a unit he can be capture by making a successful charge move into base to base contact with him. The unit halts its charge once it makes base to base contact with Rumpolt and then Rumpolt is moved to the side of the unit etc. to indicate that they currently have him in custody.
Rumpolt has his turn before all the other players starting from Turn 2.
Rumpolt always move D6". If not in custody this is in a direction determined by the scatter dice but he will always stop 1" from an enemy unit. If in custody the result of the D6 is Rumpolt's move characteristic for the turn. Rumpolt can never march and a unit with him in custody is unable to march also. Flyers that have hm in custody are unable to fly to keep him in check and so must use their ground movement. As ever, a unit will move at the speed of its slowest member and whilst in custody Rumpolt counts as a member of the unit for this purpose (and this purpose alone!). A unit with Rumpolt in custody only ever flees and pursues D6".
A unit can surrender custody of Rumpolt in the remaining moves part of their movement phase, before the unit itself moves. In which case Rumpolt is moved 1" away from the unit closest to the centre of the table.
The only way a unit can take custody of Rumpolt from an enemy unit is to wipe out the capturing unit or break them from combat. If the unit with Rumpolt breask the victorious unit instantly captures Rumpolt. The victors can still pursue etc but they will only be able to do so D6" now.
Rumpolt never fights in a combat and never counts as a model in combat for the purposes of outnumbering etc.
A unit with Rumpolt is bound by any compulsory movement it is normally bound by (although the speed of its movement may be changed by Rumolt's presence). However if a unit flees for whatever reason it surrenders custody of Rumpolt.
Should a unit surrender custody of Rumpolt or if they are killed outside of a combat etc. Then he reverts back to his random movement in his own turn as before.

To win a unit must move off the table edge with Rumpolt in their custody. In which case the game ends and the controlling player is the winner. If this doesn't happen before the game ends that the player with Rumpolt in custody wins. If nobody has Rumpolt in custody at the time then the player with the closest unit wins, if more than one unit is within the same distance then whichever has the highest unit strength wins. If it is still a tie then the player (of those players that it is a tie between) whose table edge that Rumpolt is closest to will win the game.

In addition to the normal experience bonuses if a character or his unit finishes the game with Rumpolt in their custody that character gains an additonal +5 Experience.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

WIP Chaos Warriors w/ Additional Hand Weapons

Here's a pic of the current state of the Warriors now they're back on their bases. Been a really slow moving process with these, too many distractions!

Got quite a bit to do still. This is just the darkest metallic colour on the gold currently, got to highlight it up to the normal colour still. Once all the painting is done I'll be adding another snowfall to the bases! More updates soon!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

World Eaters Terminator Warband - The Gorewing

(Image property of Games Workshop)

This is an army idea I've been playing with for a very long time and now I've finally decided to take the plunge. I've always wanted to run a chaos terminator force. Sadly, the Chaos Space Marine codexes haven't allowed for this (yet anyway!) so up until recently you had to play Deathwing if you wanted to do it. I never really felt this would fit well with the chaos theme. Whilst the Deathwing is hard, they lack the ferocity you'd expect of Chaos Terminators.
Then the Space Wolves came along. As I've mentioned in previous posts when I was planning my Angels Exemplar Space Marines, one of the biggest appeals was the ability to field a Terminator army when taking Logan as the general. The Angels Exemplar were going to be a loyal chapter but of questionable reliability due to their unneccessary use of excessive violence (a lot like the Flesh Tearers, an idea I'll probably pursue further when/if I go back to the Angels Exemplar).
I got bored of the loyalist idea relatively quickly and focussed back on my fantasy armies. Then I felt that familiar pulling feeling I sometimes get to sort myself out another 40k army. I already had a Space Wolves codex and a Chaos Space Marine codex. Then it dawned on me, the Wolves were a list that could realise my Chaos Terminator dream! More than that, they could be relatively convincing World Eaters Terminators. So the Gorewing idea was born! Taking a counts-as Logan Chaos Lord to lead the army and then units of World Eaters Terminators is an idea that's gotten me very excited. Lone Wolves will make absolutely awesome Berzerkers, rampaging towards the enemy not caring from where the blood spills, only that it does. So I wrote a 1500pt list that I'm going to build towards.

Kaldor Foe-Render, Slaughter-Lord of the Gorewing
(counts as Logan Grimnar)

Brother-Slaughterer Vilan
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Assault Cannon, Wolf Claw

Brother-Slaughterer Colthan
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta, Powerfist

Brother-Slaughterer Cardon
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta, Chainfist

Brother-Slaughterer Suktor
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Wolf Claw

Brother-Slaughterer Halmar,
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta, Wolf Claw

Land Raider

Brother-Slaughterer Nuthor
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Heavy Flamer, Wolf Claw

Brother-Slaughterer Markard
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Chainfist

Brother-Slaughterer Ikar
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta, Powerfist

Brother-Slaughterer Dakburn
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Wolf Claws

Brother-Slaughterer Randar
Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, Wolf Claws

Land Raider Crusader

Rogoth The Berzerker
Lone Wolf, Chainfists, 2 Fenrisian Wolves

Zakarn The Frenzied
Lone Wolf, Wolf Claws, 2 Fenrisian Wolves

It's not the most competitive list but that isn't really the point. As you'll see, every individual in the army is already named, that's one of the biggest appeals of this army to me. When it's this small every model becomes a character and their significance in the battle is as such. The Lone Wolves offer me some fun conversion possibilities in particular. The Fenrisian Wolves shall be counts as Flesh Hounds. Otherwise the Terminators will be Chaos Terminators with the Forge World World Eaters Terminators parts. Kaldor is crying out to be the Forge World Lord Zhuthor mini. A mini with a Powerfist and an Axe of Khorne (counts as Frostblade) which are the two ways Logan Grimnar can allocate his attacks. It's an awesome looking mini so I'm excited to get my hands on it! I could write lots more but this has become quite a long post so I'm going to leave it here for now. Expect developments on this soon. Although I'm probably going to have to do a few Fantasy bits first before I can start investing the time and money into this force.

Below are some great links that I partially blame the now threatened status of my bank balance on, as they helped inspire me to go ahead with the army I've wanted to do so long!
Itkovian's Iron Hands Morlockwing
Ron's Deathwing
Ron's Lustwing (which I believe he has since sold)
Sgt Brisbane's Psychology (Psychosis) of a 'Wing Player
Tim's Deathwing