Tuesday, 16 March 2010

WIP Dieter Helsnicht - The Doomlord

So... another side project is this fellow - Dieter Helsnicht The Doomlord

I've built the Manticore

I've put a lot of time into pinning all the components to make sure it stays durable (fingers crossed!). It still needs some green stuff work on the gaps and on the base in particular. I got the Warhammer Basing Kit as a present for christmas so it was nice to finally find a use for all the little resin base decorations as I didn't feel any of them fit with my armies.

Dieter is a mini I've wanted to build for about 15 years so it's nice to finally get to do so. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for a colour scheme on him and whether I'm going to try and replicate the banner in the picture or try something slightly different. Which leads to an important question... Does the mini for Dieter Helsnicht have any in game use nowadays? I know he could fit in a Warriors of Chaos army as a Sorcerer on a Manticore (he's the original owner of the Chaos Runesword as well so he fits doubly well!). Necromancers can't take Abyssal Terrors in the Vampire army book can they? So he'd have to be a counts as Vampire for them. Maybe a counts as Amethyst Wizard on a Pegasus for the Empire? But then we're starting to tread on rather unsteady ground I think...
Just trying to identify the target audience for him!
Thoughts, opinions and ideas are very welcome


Kuffeh said...

Wow. That is an old,old mini. I remember him from the "Undead" book, back before they split them into Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings.

While the mini is a classic mini, I think it would be cool to see an updated version. There are plenty of bits out there that you could make him, and then paint him to be awesome.

Either way, I'm going to be watching this with interest. =)

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for commenting Kuffeh :) I used to play Undead way back in the days before the split and his was always a mini I wanted but that my pocket money wouldn't stretch to without saving (and I was never any good at saving!) so I'm so chuffed to be painting him now.
I was thinking along the same lines with an updated mini. Once I've done the classic, I'm tempted to convert a Dieter Helsnicht to bring him into the 21st Century! :D

frankie said...

you could use him as a rengade empire wizard who turned to chaos and now has come back to for revenge then you get to use him as a chaos sorcerer on manticore without loosing the origonal model but still using him in your army??