Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Dark Emissary

Now, I know this blog has been dangerously erratic lately... I'm enjoying flitting between projects. Painting things from outside of my army is proving to be extremely refreshing and I hadn't realised how much I was feeling the hobby burn-out with my Fantasy army. It's very liberating painting other things.
Another mini that's been on my to paint list for a while now is the Dark Emissary. Such a superb sculpt, absolutely bursting with character. When trawling the interweb for inspiration for colour schemes I stumbled upon this awesome piece of artwork by Abrar Ajmal

Image copyright of Abrar Ajmal

So, colour scheme decided I built the model and stuck sand to the base.

I was tempted to do something extravagant with the base but I think this is a mini that will speak for itself without the need to be perched on a rock or some such so I'm going to do a nice simple fenland style base and focus my attention on replicating the colour scheme in the artwork.
Afte a few hours working on the red I have this

What are people's thoughts? I painted the red a lot differently to how I normally would and again it was quite refreshing to move outside of the comfort zones I've gotten into painting the Devotees. Obviously got a long way to go with everything else and a good few freehand spirals to do!


Papa JJ said...

I think the red looks good, especially in conjunction with the skin tone you've chosen. I've always liked the Dark Emissary model, as well as the idea of having a few special characters available to a variety of armies.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks glad you think so! It is a lovely mini and as you say the idea of a character available to a variety of armies is a great one well done through the Emissary. Should have another picture update of him tomorrow!