Monday, 29 March 2010

The Storm God - Part 2 The Fameseeker

The Bretonnians had been true to their word as Rumpolt was to his. They spared his life and he began to lead them through the wastes to where the Storm God slumbered. Their intentions for being in this place were noble which often gave Rumpolt cause to chuckle to himself. Such ideals, how quickly they would be perverted out here in the wastes. For their part the Bretonnians ignored his ramblings and random fits of laughter, but seemingly they still thought him sane enough to lead their way. They ignored him when he told them the stories of his dreams, the stories that the daemon, Elazar planted there. Although Rumpolt was careful to keep that small detail to himself. As they made camp once more, finding what shelter they could from the now driving rains, Rumpolt fell into his day dreaming.

The story was the same now as it had been since he’d been borne away by the Bretonnian Knights. He dreamt of a giant of a man, a warrior of the north who swore his soul to the daemon, Elazar. In his service he won great renown, slaying all the enemies the daemon sent him after. The warrior had taken the name Lord Kemen The Infamous and warriors flocked to his banner eager for a chance to share in his glory. A roving tribe of Hung had descended upon the lands Kemen laid claim to. Slaughtering the armies of Kemen’s lieutenants and taking the skulls as offerings to the Blood God. Lord Kemen brought the Hung to battle, amongst the carnage he sought out the rival champion leading the Hung on their rampage. The two warriors made their oaths to their patrons and after a bloody combat Lord Kemen had slain the Hung chieftain. He took the heart of his fallen rival and burnt it in offering to the daemon. Elazar in return showed great favour to Kemen, he descended onto the battlefield on glorious white wings and made gift of an exquisite blade. Lord Kemen took the offered blade and felt the mirrored hunger for glory that coursed through the sword as if it were a living thing. The sword and Kemen were a perfect match, their same need for fame bonding them in a way no warrior and a weapon of the mortal realm could. Fate had other far less glorious plans for Lord Kemen though. Despite being leaderless the Hung didn’t cease their own campaign. They plagued Kemen’s armies as they marched to make war in Elazar’s name. The Hung performed constant hit and run attacks but wouldn’t be brought to battle. The Daemon, like all beings of chaos was fickle and soon Elazar’s gaze fell elsewhere and despite the successes he later reaped Kemen couldn’t recapture the undivided attention of his patron and fell into a sullen depression. His army shrank as many left in search of greater glories and Kemen could feel the resentment the sword he wielded now held for him.
One day that all changed. A young warriors known as Luken The Sixth Born marched his growing warband into Kemen’s lands. Lord Kemen The Infamous rode out to meet this warrior. Kemen felt the gaze of Elazar upon his new champion and he and his blade rejoiced at the opportunity they had been presented with. The sword’s ravenous hunger for the glory of victory overtook Kemen and he issued a challenge to the young warrior. The years of inaction made Lord Kemen slow and Luken, basking in the attention of his patron, took the upper hand. Betrayed by the weakness of its master the sword leapt from Lord Kemen’s hands and landed at the feet of this glorious new warrior. Luken ignored the blade and ended the life of Lord Kemen with his own.
Elazar descended from the heavens once more and gave the blade to the remnants of Lord Kemen’s warband. He ordered them to build a great tomb to honour their former master in death. They were ordered to place his sword at his side and spend the rest of their existence guarding him in his final resting place.
Years of toil above and below ground were finished and Lord Kemen’s tomb was complete. Each of the entrances marked by great monoliths telling of the magnificent deeds of Lord Kemen. His followers entered the tomb and never again stepped foot above ground, guarding the remains of Lord Kemen and his sword The Fameseeker.

Rumpolt recounted the tale daily to his captors but they seemingly dismissed it for madness. However, when a monolith was spotted in the distance Rumpolt felt a growing anticipation amongst the Bretonnians. When they approached the monolith and saw it told tales of Lord Kemen the greatest amongst their ranks ordered the army to make camp and descended into the tomb. Rumpolt envied them, the rain was constant now, the skies eternally dark. Looking into the distance Rumpolt smiled. The Bretonnians had been watched by others. Soon they would all get to witness the reawakening of the Storm God…


The characters dismount and descend into Lord Kemen’s tomb. Overpowering the smell of damp and dust is the scent of a quite potent opiate. Instantly the characters can feel a blissful sluggishness about themselves but realising that to succumb to its effects would ruin them they shake their heads clear and resist the urging voices at the back of their minds telling them to breathe deep of it and enjoy its sweet release.

Getting Started
The scenario is played on a board. The player with Rumpolt Staudinger in custody deploys first and takes the first turn. The other players roll off to decide their deployment order. (The players take their turns in this order also. The player with Rumpolt goes first regardless of any other benefits and/or penalties so praying Bretonnians will still go first!).
The guardians of Lord Kemen’s tomb always go after each of the players.
Each player receives 3 Dice of Heroic Destiny.

The players place all their characters in their marked deployment spaces.

Exploring Lord Kemen’s Tomb
The game is played following the normal turn sequence.

Models with US1 move as skirmishers and have a 360° LOS.
Charges are not declared. A character needs only to be in a square adjacent to a model to be able to attack it in the close combat phase.
Models can walk or run. Walking pace is equal to the model’s movement characteristic in squares on the board. The model can move to any unoccupied square.
A model can also run this is done at twice the pace of walking. If a model runs it cannot shoot or cast spells that turn.
Opening a door counts as an additional square of movement on top of the movement required to reach the door and move through it.
Models cannot move back to the square they started their movement phase in and still count as moving. If they do this then they count as having been inactive in their movement phase.

Magic works as normal with the following exceptions.
Spells that target an enemy directly or indirectly will always require LOS regardless of the normal rules of the spell.
All ranges should be halved within the confines of Lord Kemen’s Tomb.

Shooting works as normal with the following exceptions.
Shooting attacks that target an enemy directly or indirectly will always require LOS regardless of the normal rules of the spell.
All ranges should be halved within the confines of Lord Kemen’s Tomb.

Combat works slightly differently to normal.
Combats are fought in initiative order unless a model should be striking first or last due to special rules of equipment. Models with equal initiative should each roll a dice; the highest result determines who gets to strike first.
There is no combat resolution to calculate. Combats are fought out and if both sides survive then the combat will continue in subsequent turns until the models are no longer in base contact.
Models can allocate their attacks against any model in base combat and can split their attacks between targets as they choose.
All combats count as being fought to the front regardless of the position of the actual models. Therefore models will get the additional armour bonus for using a hand weapon and shield etc.
Models are not locked in combat and are free to move in their movement phase if they are able to.

Psychology works mostly as normal.
As with all other ranges inches should be interpreted as squares.
BSBs allow a re-roll to all psychology tests within 12 squares.

The Opiate
A heady opiate pervades Lord Kemen’s Tomb. The product of great sorceries carried out in the name of Elazar and the Prince of Excess. The opiate numbs the mind and limbs, providing a joyous release from the strain of existence, at least those are the whispered promises of the voices speaking with the heads of all in the Tomb. They urge the characters to surrender themselves to the intoxicating bliss of nothingness.
Whilst the characters focus on their goal they manage to ignore the effects of the sorcerous opiate. However, in inaction the characters are vulnerable to intoxication.
At the end of the movement phase any character that has stood motionless must roll a D6, on a roll of a 1 or 2 they have succumbed to the opiate. A character that falls victim to the opiate cannot shoot or cast spells this turn. Until their next movement phase their weapons skill and initiative are halved (rounding down). If a character has already succumbed once to the power of the opiate then its addictive qualities will make them more prone in future. Any further tests are failed on rolls of a 1, 2, or 3.

The Guardians
The remnants of Lord Kemen’s warband sealed themselves in their masters tomb to guard over him and his sword The Fameseeker. Each room occupied by a guardian will contain a dice until a character has LOS to the contents of that room. More than one dice means more than 1 guardian. The player that discovers the contents rolls any dice present there to determine what they represent.
1, 2, or 3 – Chaos Warrior
4 or 5 – Chaos Marauder
6 – The guardian has fallen completely to the opiate’s embrace and is unable to respond to the invasion of his master’s tomb.

The guardians of Lord Kemen’s Tomb have wilfully abandoned themselves to the effects of the opiate, indeed their sorcerers created it. All guardians count as being affected by the opiate but they are still able to move but only at a walking pace.
If the guardian has fought in combat this game turn then the numbing effects of the opiate begin to lift as they remember their purpose with renewed vigour. They can move as normal (including running) and their initiative returns to normal. (Their weapon skill is still halved). At the end of their turn all guardians fall back into the depths of the opiate.

The winner is the player to get one of his characters to the resting place of Lord Kemen and take The Fameseeker. This is done by moving into an adjacent square to where the sword lies.

Each slain guardian is worth +1 Experience Point.
The character that reaches The Fameseeker gains +5 Experience Points.

The Fameseeker
The character that reaches the weapon will have to choose whether to take the sword and wield it in their quest to slay the Storm God or to destroy the weapon and not let such a creation of chaos out into the world once more.