Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Gorewing - Some Background

Kaldor Foe-render bore witness to the siege of the Emperor’s Palace. He saw first hand the destruction meted out by his battle brothers and his Primarch, Angron. Although of the elite 1st company at the time of the siege Kaldor was a largely inconsequential marine. It was in the period of time known as The Scouring in the Imperium that Kaldor came to the fore. A dark time for his legion as they fought an endless withdrawal following the defeat of the Warmaster Horus. Kaldor seized the opportunity to take command of the splintered bands of marines that fled with him. A series of bloody encounters with the loyalist forces ensured the loyalty of those that followed him but in such a brutal and murderous age they weren’t of any great note to the historians of the Imperium.
It is centuries later that Kaldor’s name first appears in Imperial Records. He led a warband of World Eaters first company marines. Each outfitted in Tactical Dreadnought Armour they added their considerable might to Abaddon’s First Black Crusade. Sowing mayhem and reaping a dark tally of skulls for the Blood God to whom they were now completely in thrall. In each subsequent Crusade and numerous other incursions Kaldor Foe-render earns a mention with his bloody work. The Genocide of Fardis IV, the Slaughter of Bloodwash Falls and The Ilarin Incident to name a few, each grim events in the history of the Imperium but the bright feathers in Kaldor’s cap as he rose to prominence in the service of Khorne.
As the original members of his warband fell another would don their armour, no few times the same marine that had killed its previous wearer. Only a select few of the original World Eaters remain in Kaldor’s warband but all wear the legion armor with great pride in readiness for the day when their lord Angron calls them to slaughter once more.

The Lunar Gorger
An ancient strike cruiser that served the World Eaters throughout the Great Crusade. It’s original name is forgotten but it was renamed the Lunar Gorger after its impressive kill tally in the destruction of the Lunar Naval Bases before Horus’ assault on Terra itself. When the remnants of the World Eaters fled after the Warmaster’s demise one of the many marines on the cruiser was Kaldor Foe-render, who would later command it. Even though it has been outfitted several times in recompense for Kaldor’s presence in Abaddon’s Black Crusades the ships systems are in disrepair. Couple with the fact that Kaldor abhors Sorcerers and Psychics its navigational systems are severely limited and its teleporter banks are dangerously inaccurate. A skeleton crew, also loaned by the Black Legion, keep the ship operational and the World Eaters take over when the Thunderhawks are ready to launch for an assault, spending most of their time until then locked in gladiatorial combats.


The Landraider’s engine roared ferociously before the landing craft had even touched down, champing at the bit to get amongst the men of the planetary defence force and wreak blood havoc. Lasgun shots caused no more than superficial damage on the twisted Thunderhawk and its deadly cargo as it landed on the main road through the city. A heavy stubber was positioned atop the roof of a sentry tower that stood over a usually busy crossroads. The tower was a relic of the old city limits and the bitter territorial struggles with the green skins that had been fought centuries before. Now it looked out of place in the commercial sector but commanded a good view of the city streets. The stubber rained shots down on one of the Landraiders as it disengaged from the Thunderhawk. Shells tinged off its heavy armour and it raced defiantly towards the sentry tower, banks of bolters on its side sponsons unloading explosive shells at the men in the streets. The Landraider hurtled towards the frame of the sentry tower, powering through one of the plasteel legs that held it up. The sound of buckling metal filled the air as the Landraider emerged from under the tower and disgorged the murderers within.
“Blood for the Blood God!” came the frenzied chant, audible over the sound of the sentry tower collapsing, the weapon team atop it lost in the wreckage. “Blood for the Blood God! Blood for the Blood!”
The guardsmen turned to face the Terminators unleashing a fusillade of Lasgun fire into them as they began withdrawing into a narrow side street hoping to regroup with the other units of their garrison. The guardsmen couldn’t move fast enough and maintain their fire patterns and the Terminators advanced implacably through the hail of shooting. Bolter shots responded, tearing men down and the Terminators closed ground on the retreating guardsmen. A roar went up as two of the terminators were barged aside by another of their number adorned in a cape, his armour decorated with many grisly trophies. He was a head taller than his fellows and once at the front of the throng of Terminators he sprinted, impossibly fast considering his cumbersome armour, towards the fleeing men. The bolter mounted on his powerfist spat a barrage of shots and he swung his axe behind him ready to strike as he hurtled towards the nearest panic-stricken man. His axe clove the man’s head from his neck and the Terminator whirled into the next man, crushing him with an overhand blow from his fist. By this point the other had caught up and tore into the remaining guardsmen. Lifting the head of the first man he had killed and ramming it on the trophy rack on his armour the cloaked Terminator bellowed.
“Skulls for the Skull Throne!”