Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Dark Eldar

Am I the only one feeling a potential tugging on the old purse strings with the new Dark Eldar? I have to admit I'd love to get my hands on some of these and try out a few different colour schemes beyond the black with edge highlight (not that there's anything wrong with that scheme, it's certainly dynamic enough!)

Also, a quick apology, for the lack of updates on here recently. Hoping to address that soon. The Gorewing Terminators are slowly moving towards finished and I'll post progress pictures of them soon!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Flames Of War Link Database

Ok, so having been a Warhammer hobbyist for far longer than one should admit I have quite a collection of bookmarks etc that I've built up in regards to GW games. However, starting out in a new game I was wondering if people would like to comment with some useful links to get me started in the FoW hobby and community beyond the official website as well as useful links for retailers etc. etc. I'll add them in here so that they can be something of a resource for everybody else too and I'll also put a link to WHSmith who are selling the Open Fire starter box for a ludicrously good price - keep in mind this includes the paperback rulebook, 3 Shermans, 2 Stugs, 3 American dice and 2 German dice plus a little starter guide too. Top stuff!

Flames of War
Open Fire starter set on WHSmith for £14.26!

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Glorious Works Logo Challenge - Results!

Ok, firstly, sorry for the delay in this! Not been about a great deal lately so not had a chance to do anything with this.

Secondly, a massive thank you to everybody that took the time to put together an entry. There were some really great bits sent to me and it was great seeing the different directions people took!

The winning entry though was by Toby Alderton, I'm sure you'll all agree that it's an absolutely stunning piece of work and you can expect to see it adorning The Glorious Works soon! Toby, I'll be in touch to organise sending your prize.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Glorious Works Logo Challenge

Entries for this are now closed. Thank you to everybody that entered. I will post the results in the next couple of days!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Glorious Consumer - Maelstrom Games

The aim of The Glorious Consumer is to review the different retailers that we as wargamers regularly interact with and to help inform people when making a decision as to where they want to buy their shiny new toys from! First up is Maelstrom Games. I placed 4 orders of varying sizes for different products over a two week period. I'll outline the orders below and the dates on which they were dispatched and then go into greater detail afterwards.

Order #1 Placed 20/07/2010
Vampire Lord (in stock)
Dispatched 20/07/2010

Order #2 Placed 27/07/2010
Citadel Water Effects (in stock)
Grave Guard Regiment (out of stock)
Vampire Counts Army Book (out of stock)

Order split in 2. Order #2
Citadel Water Effects
Vampire Counts Army Book
Dispatched 08/08/2010

Order #2.1
Grave Guard Regiment
Dispatched 11/08/2010

Order #3 Placed 30/07/2010
Bleached Bone (in stock)
Camo Green (in stock)
Detail Brush (out of stock)
Fine Detail Brush (out of stock)
Graveyard Earth (out of stock)
Hawk Turquoise (out of stock)
Macharius Solar Orange (in stock)
Rotting Flesh (out of stock)
Scorched Brown (out of stock)
Small Drybrush (out of stock)
Standard Brush (out of stock)
Basecoat Brush (out of stock) Dispatched 04/08/2010

Order #4 Placed 01/08/2010
Citadel Wood (out of stock at supplier)
Vampire Counts Battalion (out of stock)
Warhammer Battle Magic (out of stock at supplier)
Woodland Scenics Long Grass (out of stock)

Order split in 2. Order #4
Citadel Wood
Vampire Counts Battalion
Woodland Scenics Long Grass
Dispatched 13/08/2010

Order #4.1
Warhammer Battle Magic
Still not dispatched

Now, at a glance it's clear that some of those orders have been dealt with incredibly quick, some an average amount of time and one is still outstanding which is a little bit worrying. I've not taken into account postage times etc. just the time it took from the order until the dispatch of the order, it wouldn't be fair to judge Maelstrom on the effectiveness of the postal service! The orders that were in stock were dispatched very quickly and clearly where stock issues have arisen the orders have been split so that I get as much of my order as soon as possible. This all seems very good with me. I think it's worth taking into account that I've ordered mostly Games Workshop products and I'd heard that they'd started limiting the Independent Traders to one order per week. I'm not sure how accurate this is, as I'm not in the know there but it would certainly explain the way the dates fall for orders and dispatch. Stock seemingly gets ordered Thursday/Friday and arrives Monday/Tuesday ready for dispatch. The final outstanding order is a bit worrying but in their defence Maelstrom Games have the product listed as out of stock at the supplier so it's hard to really find any fault with them. Considering the logistics of the orders I'm quite impressed with the times taken to dispatch them otherwise. All the orders have been well packed in appropriate containers and I've not had any issue with short orders or damaged products. If something is in stock on their website then Maelstrom really are a great deal as the discount and the quick dispatch times make them my current favourite online retailer. For the items that aren't in stock, unless they're needed urgently, then they're still the best choice as the discount makes it more than worth the couple of days wait. If I needed something straight away though that wasn't in stock at Maelstrom and it was over £10 in value I'd still be tempted to order direct from Games Workshop just to be sure I'd get the item in the shortest possible lead time and with the free postage currently on offer.

Maelstrom Games receives a 9/10 from me!
If you have any experiences with Maelstrom you'd like to share or have any questions just leave a comment. Hope this helps anybody that has considered ordering from them but wanted a little more information!

P.S. I can't believe I forgot to mention the awesome Moneyback deal they have! You get 1% of your order in store credit to use on your future orders. It might not sound like a lot but it quickly adds up and can be really handy for knocking a few extra pennies off an order to make it affordable or for those of us that are married, extra money off always sells the idea better to the Mrs!