Thursday, 23 September 2010

Flames Of War Link Database

Ok, so having been a Warhammer hobbyist for far longer than one should admit I have quite a collection of bookmarks etc that I've built up in regards to GW games. However, starting out in a new game I was wondering if people would like to comment with some useful links to get me started in the FoW hobby and community beyond the official website as well as useful links for retailers etc. etc. I'll add them in here so that they can be something of a resource for everybody else too and I'll also put a link to WHSmith who are selling the Open Fire starter box for a ludicrously good price - keep in mind this includes the paperback rulebook, 3 Shermans, 2 Stugs, 3 American dice and 2 German dice plus a little starter guide too. Top stuff!

Flames of War
Open Fire starter set on WHSmith for £14.26!


sonsoftaurus said...

I'm not a FoW player, but I think that the FoW articles on Bell of Lost Souls have been pretty good.