Monday, 20 December 2010

Flames of War Campaign - Firestorm Berlin

Currently working on a Flames of War Campaign that I'm calling Firestorm Berlin. It's going to use the Firestorm rules from the Bagration and Market Garden box sets with some tweaks of my own to make it work for me and my gaming club.

One thing I'm changing is swapping the set Firestorm troops for generic counters. There are two reasons for this change. One is to make it a lot easier for me to represent the custom map in digital format. The second is to make it easier for my group to game. Instead, each counter will count as a set number of points chosen as 'free' support platoon from Fortress Europe. This way, the players can squeeze something extra into their list without having to buy models specifically for that purpose. It increases the flexibility and potential fun of the campaign for everyone.

The campaign starts in December 1944 with the front lines set as they were before the commencement of the Ardennes Offensive. This seemed a great point at which to start as across the map of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany etc. things are fairly even. The allies are going to have the advantage to represent the fact that they were on the offensive at this point.

I'm going to have a few more posts about this and go into greater detail soon. The map will be finished shortly and once the campaign is underway I'll be posting reports up on here to show it's progress. I'll also make the rules sections that I write available for others to use but for obvious reasons Battlefront Firestorm rules will not be appearing on here!