Sunday, 14 November 2010

3. SS-Panzerdivision Totenkopf - SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Lindenau

A pretty much finished SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Lindenau. A couple of little tweaks to make but otherwise done. I've used a little creative licence on the base and put him on his own. He and his 2iC are going to be based alone just so its clear with teams are which and also because whilst I've painted the other two men for his base it left very few options. It's difficult enough getting the ruined Warsaw bases looking good on the small bases as it is without removing all the surface area to work with and replacing it with minis!


The MG teams etc on medium sized bases will be better as there'll be a bit more interaction with the minis and the base if that makes sense.

Lots more to be getting on with now. Suffice to say, one of these platoons are no longer in blisters and are half way through getting a coat of dunkelgelb!