Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Glories Of Others - Monsterzonk's Nurgle Troll

I wanted to show Monsterzonk's Nurgle Troll that he made for his Warriors of Chaos army. I think it's a disturbing and awesome mini and really captures the feel of the army!
Monsterzonk has two great threads on Warseer associated with this army. The project is called "A Tale of Plague and Pestilence" and is split over two threads, one for the miniatures and one for the fluff.

A Tale of Plague and Pestilence - Army Building Thread
A Tale of Plague and Pestilence - The Story Thread

Here are some pictures of the Nurgle Troll

I also want to include a WIP picture just so you can see how much green stuff work has gone into this unique mini.

I personally can't wait to see a complete unit of these! Please go and see Monsterzonk's threads linked above for the rest of this army. There are some amazing miniatures that he'd built and painted and its an army with a really great theme!


Monsterzonk said...

Thanks for featuring my stuff in your blog! I'm rather proud of this...


Magilla Gurilla said...

That think is absolutely disgusting! Perfect for Nurgle!!!!

Nesbet said...

I saw quickly the image in my sidebar, and thought it was a Helldorado miniature xD


Monsterzonk said...

Yeah, I really love the Helldorado model, but since I wanted to be able to use it for games in my local GW store, I had to make it myself. ;-)

Max said...

I started looking at this at work and quickly had to minimize the screen. That is a truly terrifying, disgusting miniature. Well done.