Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bags of fun - Zoraida.

Well this model was bags of fun to paint. Sometimes I find it hard to keep abreast of all the painting I have to do, but I make sure I get through it so I don't end up looking like a boob!

Breast jokes aside (but only because I can't think of anymore clean ones), Zoraida was my latest figure done. I still have a mature nephilim to go and some more silurids, and then after that a super secret joint Games Workshop effort from myself and Elazar is coming, stay tuned!



Elazar The Glorified said...

That Super Secret Joint Games Workshop effort isn't that Super Secret if you're subscribed to the Twitter feed mind (cheap plug!).
Zoraida looks great. Now she's painted perhaps she won't prove to be quite so elusive to my crew. Not convinced on that one though...

sechs said...

Wow she's very nice ! I really like her face, quite expressive =)

I've posted my pandora's crew on my blog, come see it and leave a comment if you want =)