Friday, 15 April 2011

The Soulless Life - Leveticus - Steampunk Necromancer

Many individuals find themselves in Malifaux as convict labor or the unfortunate victims of unforgiving contracts to the Guild. A small few have come to reside in Malifaux with their own purpose, to find in Malifaux their fortune. Leveticus is one such individual.

Malifaux provides many things to a man like Leveticus. Foremost, he has the privacy to pursue interests that would be considered distasteful in a more civilized environment. In the art of combining steel and bone, cog and sinew, Leveticus is a savant. Within his well-equipped offices, his own body has received augmentation, and despite his advanced age, the man is well-suited to the rigors of this frontier city.

He is almost always attended by his apprentice, a young woman named Alyce. She too bears evidence of his craft, her left arm replaced by a mechanical prosthetic. Together, the operate Captivating Salvage and Logistics, which offers a wide variety of services. Many of those services are legitimate, but a pragmatic man like Leveticus can often be found conducting more illicit affairs.

There are many who disapprove of the relationship between the wizened Leveticus and the young Alyce, rumourmongers trading tales of inappropriate conduct between the two. The rumours don't seem to impact the success of their business, however, as they have a reputation for getting things done.


I finished painting Leveticus, the master of my crew. His is a lovely mini with lots of great little details. It was a real pleasure to paint. I say that about all of Wyrd's miniatures. They really are great to work with even if you have no intention of playing Malifaux I think everyone should try painting a Wyrd Miniature sculpt just to get a feel for something a bit different!



sechs said...

He's nice ! But I don't like the eyes, the pupil is too much on the eye's center imho ;)

On the other hand you have a realy good rythm of painting and this is quite good !

Sixes To Hit said...

Hi Sechs,
Elazar would be far too humble to post this himself, so I will ;)

In the flesh Leviticus looks absolutely stunning and the eyes look great, the photo really doesn't do him justice.

I played against him on Wednesday and was really impressed by the paintjob on him! :)