Saturday, 5 February 2011

All your blog are belong to me!

Testing, testing 1...2...3...

It's worked! I've managed to guess his password, who'd have thought it would be "my_lover_is_davidhasselhoff". All that aside, I better post this before he gets back and realises! Where's he been anyway? I remember when he updated this thing at least once a week!

Well now I've hacked his system, I might as well tell you about me. I'm James, and I know Elazar in real life. I started my own blog recently, but it just doesn't have the followers, so I thought to myself, how can I reach people that clearly don't want to hear what I have to say? The answer? Hack Elazars blog of course!

Anyway it's been lacking in Fantasy goodness since Firestorm Berlin started up, in fact we're both yearning for more Malifaux (and Warmachine for me, I'm trying to convert him!). The FoW campaign is cool, and we both really love the system, but sometimes you just need outrageously weird stuff to throw on a table and have a laugh right?

So this Wednesday Myself, Elazar and the guy who introduced our local gaming club to Malifaux are all having a game. It's going to be Elazars Dreamer crew vs my Pandora crew vs Andy's Showgirls! What I thought we needed to take us into the game, was a little story setter, so without further ado!

Colette looked down into the deserted town. She was sure there had been movement a couple of seconds ago. Maybe the fading light was playing tricks? It had all started with that damned Guild officer. Her shows were attracting more and more of them every week, and although Colette enjoyed the success and wealth it brought, the Arcanist movement was dangerously close to being found out. The Guild officer had come to bring her flowers backstage, and walked in on Cassandra fixing up a mechanical dove, and had bolted afterwards before Colette could get a chance to talk to him. Now this idiot was going to spread the secrets of her show all over the damned town. This would spark interest in just how the show was performed, and that would bring more attention from the Guild than Colette needed. Given a few minutes with the man, Colette could convince him of anything, what the hell had he come all the way out here into the desert for anyway? At least it would give a chance for her to conduct her business with him away from prying eyes. Colette waved to her troupe, it was time to go. They began walking down the dusty hill track into the town...

On the other side of town, Pandora smiled as the Doppleganger returned. Candy giggled and looked up from the cat she was slowly dismembering on the floor.
"It's nearly time" said Pandora with a slight smile.

Cassandra was annoyed. She had been caught off guard by some idiot Guild lackey, and didn't really feel like being nice enough to just change his mind when they caught up to him. The sand rolled around them in the light evening breeze, somewhere in the town a shutter could be heard banging against it's frame. There was only one main road leading into the town and that was the direction they headed in. To call it a town was a bit of an extreme , it was more like two rows of buildings with a large road like gap running down the centre, but Cassandra had seen smaller settlements out here, and she paid it no thought.

Pandora quicky looked up, "Somethings wrong" she said to no one in particular. There was something else here, not just the Showgirls advancing into the town, something else, something....wrong.
Pandora looked over at Candy who was already staring down the road. "It's him"....

Colette saw the young woman and little girl standing at the end of the road. Overcome with a feeling of sorrow and grief, she knew immediately who it was and signed to the rest of her girls to stand ready. Pandora had obviously lured them here for some reason, and whatever the reason it couldn't be good.

Colette froze as a ball bounced past her. Where the hell had that come from? She looked from building to building, only now noticing something odd. The buildings weren't right, something about their geometry was off, nothing you could place a finger on, kind of like a dream....

Pandora started to walk towards the Showgirls standing in the street, the box in her hands screaming in her mind, it was too late to back down, she would have to fight here and hope for the best. Who knew what he would do when he arrived, but that wasn't a problem for now, she would take Colette and her girls down here, and if needed, him too....

As Colette and Pandora faced eachother in the street, neither of them making the first move, a door swung open in one of the buildings. Both women looked in equal surprise. Standing in the doorway was a little boy, hugging onto his blanket and dressed in a nightgown.

He walked as if floating into the middle of the street and smiled at the pair. "PlAy TiME?" he whispered.......