Friday, 11 February 2011

The Aethervox Podcast

Niklaus Dudek is considered one of the greatest minds of the age in the field of arcane research. His greatest invention is widely believe to be the Aethervox. The Aethervox is a deceptively simple machine consisting of a wood frame, metal dials, and an odd collection of tubes, wires, and hundreds of etched brass for gears spinning within. The device runs on what Dudek calls "spirit energy", the ever present aether of Malifaux.

Currently there is only one true station on the aetherwaves. This Guild-controlled broadcast has a variety of programs, the majority of which are official news reports interspersed with musical scores. In addition to this broadcast, the Arcanists maintain a few mobile transmitters, broadcasting their own underground anti-Guild propaganda. The Guild destroys these so-called Aether Underground stations as soon as they are found.

Aethervoxes are expensive to construct, which limites them from becoming widespread. Entire townships may have a single receiver, if they are lucky. Some of the City's wealthier residents have their own Vox, and the Governor General keeps one is his office. In the Slums, it is common for the poor to gather at saloons and drown their sorrow while listening to programs carried on the aether.

When a station's broadcasting day ends on the Aethervox, its signal is replaced with static. The low buzzing is sometimes broken by whispering voices. Alien languages, obscene threats, and dire missives bleed through from somewhere, sometimes with disturbing consequences. It's told that the voices drove Edgar Ryan to murder his family. Monica Stonewall, wife of the affluent Horatio Stonewall, was found in their home hanging dead above their private 'Vox. Her husband said she laughed hysterically at the 'Vox for weeks, typically beyond the broadcast day. Most residents of Malifaux recall the night that the news was broadcast twelve hours early. The program accurately reported the events that would transpire later that day. Mlaifaux residents have not forgotten the transmission received by every Aethervox last Conjunction Eve, at the moment the moons aligned. Every Aethervox turned itself on, hissing static erupting from the speakers. The entire city was chilled by the inhuman scream in the static that lasted for three minutes before the 'Voxes cut out again.
- The Aethervox, Malifaux: Rising Powers pg 182. Wyrd Miniatures

The Aethervox Podcast is a new podcast dedicated to Malifaux. Anyone that visits The Glorious Works will know that I'm something of a fluff junkie! That's why this podcast stands out to me already. Sticking very truly to the fluff of the Aethervox as written by Wyrd in the Malifaux Rising Powers book and featuring original fan-fiction. The podcast contains news, reviews, tactics and analysis, game reports and lots more besides. Episode 1 is available to download now and if you're a Malifaux fan I really would recommend it.