Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A selection of completely random events that have been keeping me from Malifaux and Warmachine include:

So as you can see, I haven't completely wasted my time! I have 5 tigers and another platoon that I have painted up too, that will be staying with me in the mean time. The above (and more) can be found on ebay currently. My plan to fund my hobby through my hobby is working well, and I'd suggest it to any of you. The one thing I would be very careful about is this taking over your hobby. As Elazar and Andy could tell you, I've been really wanting to start painting my Malifaux crew, my Cryx force, my super secret project and quite possibly Dystopian wars! (The other two haven't given in on this last one, but I will work on it!). Now the point is, that as I've been painting all this FoW I had lying around I haven't been able to get onto the other fun stuff as I've felt like I HAD to get this all done to get it up on ebay. So although it's good to fund the hobby through the hobby, the act of funding the hobby becomes a hobby in itself which stops you having time for the hobby. Pretty obvious when you put it like that eh?



Andy_B said...

So whats this super secret project then James? Or would telling me stop it being super secret!