Friday, 4 February 2011

Firestorm Berlin - 2 Days In To Turn 1

Our Firestorm Campaign for Flames of War has kicked off now at my gaming club. We've had two days worth of battles and the frontlines have already moved quite a bit. The Allies have pressed their advance and so far for this turn have won all of their battles. Hopefully that trend will be corrected on Day 3 of the battles for this Turn which will see the defence of Köln and SS Totenkopf attempting to break out of the 'Amsterdam Encirclement'.

Some pictures of the campaign map so far then:

The two Axis Firestorm Counters out in the sea represent those that have been destroyed and are now in the Reinforcement Pool waiting to re-enter play at the end of the turn. The SS breakout of the Amsterdam Encirclement will be the first game so far in the campaign to use the Out of Supply rule. The grey supply lines have to travel unbroken through friendly territories to keep an area in supply and since the Allies control both Zuid and Noord Holland Amsterdam is completely cut off. The potential results of being Out of Supply are quite interesting...

Morale Reduced: For the duration of the battle all Fearless platoons count as Confident, Confident platoons counts as Reluctant and Reluctant Platoons only pass a Motivation Test on a roll of a 6
Strength Reduced - Before adding Firestorm Counters to your force you must reduce the size of your force by 20% e.g. if you would have fielded a 1500pt force, you now have only 1200pts for the battle. Firestorm troops are not affected by this and are chosen as normal in addition to the adjusted army points total.
No Effect - The boring result
Fight To The Death - For the duration of the battle all Reluctant platoons count as Confident, Confident platoons count as Fearless and Fearless platoons pass all Motivation Tests on a roll of 2+

Obviously, I'd love to see a Fight To The Death result as the men of SS Totenkopf accept their fates and launch their attack. I'm sure the Allies are hoping for Morale or Strength reduced...

Campaign map made with a great deal of assistance from the awesome Battle Chronicler software!