Sunday, 9 January 2011

Painting Teddy

Been thinking a lot about how I'm going to paint Teddy. Had a few ideas. The first one I had was the 'obvious' choice of like a Care Bear. And in particular, Grumpy Bear.

He already seems nearly grumpy enough to turn into a psycho killing machine... but, a giant blue bear, whilst hillarious would be a bit of an eye sore...


Last week I discussed with a friend about making a teddy bear for the base so I've decided that his base is going to have a prone bear that he's savaged. This led me down the train of thought of Forever Friends for the irony but the bears for that are just plain boring and then I thought of the Tatty Bears. They're always on cards and stuff, I know my last few valentines cards from the Mrs have had the Tatty Bears on, so it just seemed right that such an image of sentiment be debased into a manically grinning, gore-smeared bear.... I also really like the contrast of the bright red with the greys and pale blue so seeing as Teddy has a heart shaped belly...

So I've started making a bear for the base out of green stuff and have made a couple of patches for Teddy too just to make him look a little more beat up. He's all ready to paint now so should be WIP pictures soon!

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Black Bard said...

Cant wait!! I have one on the go, and am thinking care-bears too. On the malifaux website someone painted up at least 8 different teddys and each one is a different care bear!!!


Sixes To Hit said...

Looking forward to stomping teddy into the floor on Wednesday night (unless you bottle it!).


Elazar The Glorified said...

@Black Bard - will have to search those out sounds brilliant! :D Look forward to seeing yours!

@Sixes To Hit - Don't hurt teddy! :(