Monday, 17 January 2011

Firestorm Berlin - Flames of War Campaign

My Firestorm Berlin Flames of War Campaign is ready to get started at my gaming club. We've got a mini-tournament this weekend and then following hot on the heels of that will be the opening of the campaign. I posted a picture of the map previously. This latest one shows the positioning of the Firestorm Counters etc at the start of Turn 1 ready for us to make a right mess of everything!

Firestorm Campaign Map - Tokens added using the awesome Battle Chronicler software!

So what are Firestorm Counters you're probably asking? Well, the Battlefront Firestorm Campaign boxes contain plastic minis to represent Firestorm Units in the campaign. These are support platoons that are added on in addition to the army fighting in the campaign. These are great but one thing I wanted to do with this campaign was to keep all the admin side of it online on my wargaming club's forums. I also wanted to open up the choice as to what was in support a bit more, so instead of a counter representing a specific load-out of a platoon I wanted it to represent an additional 300pts of support platoons that can be taken. I also opened this up so that they could be any Support Platoons for the respective sides from Fortress Europe or from the Intelligence Briefing being used by that player. This still gave you the chance to use units in the campaign that you might not normally get the chance to. Up to two Firestorm counters can be used in a battle so you have the chance to seriously overload your forces in an assault on a key area etc. They'll certainly make things very interesting!

Another little tweak I've made is to limit the German players to only being allowed to take Sporadic Air Support in their lists to represent Allied Air Superiority at this point of the war. Also, Allied players that take Air Support can make Fighter Interceptions on a roll of 5 or 6 and not just 6s. The campaign is slightly weighted towards the allies as they were obviously the eventual winners. This is much the same in the Battlefront Firestorm Campaigns. Especially in Bagration where the Soviet forces have a huge numerical advantage over the German forces to really capture the feel of that constant desperate withdrawal and I wanted to keep a similar under the kosh feel for the Axis players at my gaming club (that's me included see, so I wasn't just being mean!)

I'll be keeping a log of the campaigns progress here on The Glorious Works for anyone that is interested!


Monsterzonk said...

That sounds really intriguing. Looking forward to seeing the campaign progress!


Chevalier de la Terre said...

Very cool, I'll follow with much interest ;)


Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys! :)