Friday, 26 February 2010

Chaos Warriors - Movement Tray

Not a real update but I am still working on these! Movement Tray and bases WIP pic!


noeste said...

Every bit of progress is good *smiles*

While scrolling down, I noticed your model of Elazar for the first time; a very nice start, even if you're not happy with the head. You could try to give him a mask, to make the link to Vela more clear?

Anyways, hope he's not too far down on your list, as soon as those Warriors are done.

Nesbet said...

nice bases man. And the tray also ;D

Can I ask you how will you glue the warriors to the bases? Because of the modelling snow, wich glue are you going to use?

PS: I was expecting to see your chaos warriors! A bunch of warriors as cool as you already made before ;D

Dennis said...

Gotta love the snow bases :)

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys!

Noeste: Will be returning to Elazar soon, as soon as the warriors and then the Shaggoth are painted he'll probably become the focus of my attention for a bit.

Nesbet: I usually superglue them to the bases, with some pva glue on the snow where the warriors will stand they usually glue without any problems. Next update there will be visible warriors too, promise! :)