Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jarl Vandrad Gorebeard - The Getting There

 I initially posted this bit with yesterdays pictures and then took it down for a separate post so apologies if you've already seen it.

Things got very hectic. They reached such a level of hecticity that there was no time for blogging or anything else. And, it was all my fault. With one week to go before the painting competition I planned on entering Vandrad into I had a complete change of heart - no, I haven't given up on the army already, for all those who've followed my many other blogs!

I was looking at the Arjac mini I had purchased and suddenly realised that he had to be Vandrad. Now in a loyal Great Company perhaps the smartest wolf would lead the pack. But this is a Great Company that has been led to break all of their oaths. Only the biggest and baddest of wolves could lead a pack like that. Plus, there's also the fact that I wanted the biggest Wolf Lord I could have!
So, just so you can see where I was coming from in regards to the scales here

You'll have to excuse the awful picture as the camera chose to focus on the WIP Wulfen in the background rather than either of the potential Vandrad Gorebead minis! But out of focus or not I think it illustrates my point that the Arjac mini is considerably more imposing, especially when you take into account that the FW mini is a good distance above its base as I'd already put pins into its feet!

So with a week to go I suddenly found myself having to build, prepare and paint a character mini. Now I'm a slow painter at the best of times. Glacially slow. I subscribe to some blogs where I am in genuine awe of how quickly people can produce amazing miniatures. In the time so guys paint an army I've base-coated a character! A week was going to be a real challenge and I'm especially proud of myself because I actually managed to get it done!

So, a quick before painting pic of Jarl Vandrad Gorebead just to show a bit of repair work I had to do.

The runestone on his necklace was missing on the sculpt so he main thing I had to do was put an extra stud on his terminator armour as the runestone must have presumably been sculpted to cover up the extra stud there.

As for the original FW mini I was going to use for Vandrad, he'll still be getting used but instead to make my counts as Arjac (confused yet?) - Halvor Ulf Halvorssen. Then there's a lot of Wolf Guard and Grey Hunters to be sorting out!