Friday, 15 May 2009

The Devotees of Elazar - The Regiments

Chaos Warriors

These were the first minis I did on getting back into the hobby and also my first real experiment with milliput. I wanted to make greatsword wielding Warriors as at the time there wasn't any modelling options for Greatweapon armed Chaos Warriors and I really liked the idea of Slaaneshi warriors with two-handed swords. They're far from brilliant and to be honest now I think they're possibly the weakest looking unit I have made but they were an important learning experience. I plan on improving the painting of these as they need a lot of work on the shading. The swords are taken from the Bloodletter plastics again. Oh and the freehand banner is very poor but I'm praticing my freehand skills so hopefully I'll be able to do a better job of this someday!


The warhounds are pretty much just straight out of the box. However, I hate the horns for them so I sculpted fur over the slots for these so that I wouldn't have to use them! These were speedpainted to quickly finish the unit off and were very easy to do with a fairly good effect I think.

Chaos Marauders

I'm not a massive fan of the heads on the Marauders as they look a little ridiculous in my opinion so I decided to use warrior helms to make them look more like the old metal marauders. I wanted them to have greatweapons as well and these were converted from the flail hafts and different weapon heads from all over the place. There are some Chaos Warrior weapons, an old undead horsemen axe head, and couple of 40k Ork axe heads too. I also wanted to give them the flayed skins of their fallen foes as decoration so there is the odd cloak, mask, etc made of flesh in a Menghill Manhides Manflayers esque way.
These need a little bit of work on the paintjob mostly another highlight on the flesh and some more shading on their armour.

Marauder Horsemen

I didn't do a great deal of converting on these as the new plastics are awesome models I think. The only thing I did was sculpt a pointing finger on the hand of the central horseman in the pics and used a flail from the foot Marauder sprue.
I'm quite pleased with these. The bases need some static grass added and the musician needs a shield or something added to his left hand but that's about it.

Chaos Knights

The Chaos Knights came out quite well I think. I replaced the horns on the helmets with Bloodletter horns and used the a couple of heads from the Warriors sprue as well on the champion, musician and one of the rank and file Knights.

Dragon Ogres

I made the Dragon Ogres from the Dark Elf Cold Ones and Black Orc torsos. I wanted to create Dragon Ogres descended from one of the ancient Shaggoths who hadn't had any qualms about selling his soul to the chaos powers unlike his more cautious brethren. I decided the best way to show this and the most Slaaneshi would be to keep the reptillian heads of the Cold Ones. They were fairly easy to make (although cutting the Black Orc torso below the gut was hard work!) without needing too much green stuff/milliput.


redmanphill said...

Just been giving a more in depth look through your blog. Looking for some inspiration for my hounds! You have some fantastic stuff.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thank you, glad you like them! :D