Friday, 29 May 2009

Warhammer Fantasy Campaign Fluff

On the second movement phase of our campaign my army discovered a Wizard's Tower giving me access to a free wizard for my army. I didn't make use of it at the time but with having lost Gaizka The Warped now seems the apt time and it suits my fluff writing better too. So just to share with you.

Amador and his knights brought their steeds to a halt at the foot of the tower. Its cruel spire stretched into the sky as if clawing at the chaos moon.

“I’ll go up alone, he ordered to his silent Knights as he dismounted and entered the gloomy spiralling stairway that led up. Gaizka had taken them past the tower and had known of its occupant but for whatever reason had avoided making any contact. Amador hoped that it was because he felt threatened by this individual’s power. The stairs wound upwards and upwards and after a short climb Amador was able to hear conversing voices. Eventually he could make at the glow of candle light at the top of the staircase when he reached the top of the tower the stairs ended in a small circular room with a balcony looking down over the door where his knights waited. In the centre of the room was a table with a wax candle burning in a holder made from a preserved amputated foot with dark leathery skin and blackened nails. The candle cast light about the room and at the far side two yellow eyes moved their attention from a man in a cage to Amador who had intruded in the tower.

“Trespasser!” cursed the voice behind the eyes, a voice that sounded more bestial than human. The voice’s owner stepped forward, it was a northman dressed in ragged furs and leather armour. The man’s eyes were yellow with no discernable pupils and his voice wasn’t of this world. Amador had seen one of the shamans appear this way amongst the tribes when he had opened his soul up to possession by a daemonic entity. “Leave here!” screamed the possessed man and he lunged forward at Amador knocking him to the floor. His armour protected him from the blows the possessed man rained down on him with his bare hands. The man’s hands were streaming blood, sliced to ribbons by the spikes and blades on Amador’s armour when Amador smashed an armoured fist into the side of his head sending him sprawling and was up to his feet in a flash. This time he was ready when the man leapt at him again, screaming, “Blood for the Blood God!”

Amador side stepped the man possessed by the Khornate daemon and slammed an elbow into the back of his head as he went past him. He was quickly upon the man lifting him to his feet and jamming a punch into his cheek before grabbing him by the throat. The man was light to Amador’s strength and he took him to the balcony, squeezing his throat tightly.

“Tell me your name, daemon!” Amador roared. The man spat blood at Amador and Amador responded by taking a cruel hooked dagger from his belt and stabbing it into the man’s side above his hip, drawing a bestial roar of pain.

“What’s your business here?” he demanded but the only answer the possessed man gave him was cruel laughter. He pulled the dagger free, the cruel blade tearing a more vicious wound as it was removed.

“I am a servant of Elazar and Shornaal,” Amador began, the name of his god bringing an angry hiss. “Tell me why you’re here or I’ll destroy you.”

The possessed man gave no answer and Amador felt no need to attempt to bargain further so threw the man over the balcony. He heard the noise of the panicked horses below after the impact of the body and he heard the vicious reprisals the horses received from their masters. Amador went back into the room at the top of the tower and approached the cage. The man in there was a dishevelled looking man, clearly a southerner who’d been taken captive.

“A pathetic creature,” said a quiet voice from the darkness. “The southerners are weak, easily bent to our will, Amador. More importantly their souls are good currency with daemons.”

“Who are you?” Amador asked, his eyes trying to pierce the darkness where the voice had come from.

“My name is Isidro Devante. I knew you were coming Amador,” a tall man dressed in long robes with a helm hiding his features stepped slightly into the light.

“How did you know?” Amador asked.

“Elazar told me,” Isidro answered. “He said you would come here to ask for my help. Gaizka would never have had the stomach to come here….”

“And will you help me?”

“For a price,” Isidro responded. “One half of all the slaves taken.”

Amador nodded silently. He couldn’t afford not to enlist the sorcerer’s help but the cost was very steep indeed.


noeste said...

Once again, well written!

Will you be working on a mounted exalted model, to represent Amador in the near future, or does he already have his own model?

I really like him, hehe

Elazar The Glorified said...

Because in the campaign he is the champion from the Chaos Knights promoted to be my new general I am just using that mini. I do have plans to make a new heroic exalted version of him though and will get started on that soon. Having fun building up his character around the events of our campaign. Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the short story and the character of Amador!

noeste said...

Alright, so unless he "pulls a Gaizka" anytime soon, he'll live to become a true champion, right?
I'll be looking forward to it *smiles*

Elazar The Glorified said...

Hehe, yeah, that's the plan!