Thursday, 5 May 2011

Corrupting Kaelor - Eldar Introduction.

Kaelor. It had been a place of beauty once. No longer.
During the Craftwars the Farseers had been overcome with visions of its demise, of it burning and twisting in space, corrupted and screaming as it was given over as offering to Slaanesh. It was then that the house of Angsar was discovered to be giving praise to the ruinous powers, dedicating itself to the pursuit of pleasure. When one fully devotes onself to the delights of the flesh, one cannot escape the notice of the dark prince forever.
The seers of Saim-Hann had wished to destroy the craftworld then and there, best to save it and its people from the terror than to allow the dark prince his prize. The Farseer Fay'Elle had stepped forward to stop the madness of brothers killing brothers and had ended the life of the Angsar family head. He Allowed the sons of the family to live, seeing them as not beyond redemption, and not wishing anymore souls of Eldar kin to go to Slaanesh. This had enraged the leaders of Saim-Hann and the following conflict between them saw Kaelor almost destroyed. Fay'Elle was wise, and saw the best course of action he must take. He would have Kaelor make a warp jump to the edge of the galaxy, shrouding it with his power and taking it away from the immediate danger of Saim-Hann, and also taking it away from populated areas of the universe to protect millions from the oncoming incursion. The seers of Kaelor that had been cursed with the visions of its destruction, also had been given the sight of where the Daemonic incursion would come from, and sealed part of the webway shut against it.
 The Eldar would fight thier battle, and they would do so alone.

Much time passed and the Eldar of Kaelor began to feel more secure. The stories passed down to the younger Eldar of the great spider who waits became just that - stories. Fay'Elle would walk the halls and myriad corridors of the craftworld staying ever vigilant for the events he had forseen, and yet they never came. He even began to doubt his own power at times, wondering if the visions he had seen were sent from some dark force to torture him with their lies.
One night, whilst meditating, Fay'Elle became aware of a power, slight but true. The power felt familiar, strong yet subtle. He reached out with his mind and then the sickening horror struck him. It was his power, the same power that he had shrouded the craftworld away with, twisted to someones own end.
Fay'Elle ran from his room, communicating psychically with the Warlocks leading squads of Guardians on routine patrols, readying them. He traced his power to the place where one of the sons of Angsar himself dwelt, Isentieth. Smashing through the wards around the dwelling with his mind he realised what he had done. He had been given visions of this day, and he had gifted the Angsars his own power to shroud their cult, he had taken the craftworld away from help, locked down the webway, there was no escape.....
The reports almost instantly flooded in. Fay'Elle felt a sickening lurch in reality as something truly evil came into being. He felt Eldar dying, Angsar would have to wait. It was to late now, somehow the fool had opened the webway. Fay'elle felt the spirits of Eldar being consumed by the warp, something the spirit stones on each Eldars armour should prevent.
With a though he readied the craftworlds Autarchs and Exarchs so they may gather up their warriors. Guardians were dying, he felt their screams as they were torn apart, but the Guardians were only militia, the craftworlds real warriors would not fall so easily. The dark princes warriors wanted war on Eldar ground? They would have it.
A hardened look set about Fay'Elles features. He reached out with his mind and sought the one that called itself Mardumesh, he showed it the infinity circuit and the current of spirits it trafficked around Kaelor. He felt the Daemons lust rise, knowing this would make the Daemon more powerful, and yet more inclined to make mistakes. He shuddered as he felt, more than heard the whispering in the warp: "A fine gift indeed...."


As the Eldar player I'll be doing the same as Elazar. Beginning with 1500 points as a target. The project will be joint and we'll work on roughly one thing each at a time. One of the exciting parts (if you're as nerdy as us) is the way we'll be doing this from a fluff perspective.

The idea is this: As we work on units/characters etc. we will roll off against each other with dice. Each unit will have fluff of it fighting the other unit in the overall battle and the dice roll will dictate which unit wins in the fluff.

I paint some dark reapers.
Elazar paints some Daemonettes.
Elazar rolls higher than me.
In the fluff the daemonettes will kill the reapers, and we both write from both perspectives.
At the end of the project the side with the most roll wins, will win the actual war in the fluff. This is particularly cool because neither of us know which way the fluff will end, or what will happen next.


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