Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mardumesh Painweaver Undercoated

Well after a lot of work Mardumesh Painweaver is built and undercoated.

The big disappointment in all this is that he's going to the big ebay in the sky. Such is my fickle attitude towards army choices that I want to instead go ahead with an army project that was vying for my attention when I decided initially to go with the Daemons. I'm keen to see somebody do something with Mardumesh so he's up for auction. Happy bidding anybody that is interested! I'm confident he'd make a great centrepiece mini in pretty much any chaos army. Whether he's a Keeper of Secrets in a Fantasy or 40k Daemon army or a Generinc Greater Daemon for Chaos Space Marines or even a Daemon Prince in any of the Chaos Marines, Warriors of Chaos or Daemons armies. All the details can be found here.
I also have a few bits and pieces listed at 99p so please check them out too as there might be a few bargains to be had!

There'll be more on the new army soon!