Thursday, 2 June 2011

What Comes Next?

So, my Daemon army was extremely short lived, even by my own recent standards! I've perhaps gotten too used to chopping and changing forces but hopefully this next one will fit better! It's a theme I've always wanted to play with but for different reasons have always ended up with a completely different army! No more. There's a Tale of 40k Gamers being run by one of the members of my gaming club and there are currently five of us set to take part. 250pts built and painted a month is the target. With some game targets to go alongside the army building. The Tale will take us up to 1500pt armies (although I'm going to try and use the time to get my new army to 1750pts if I can). There'll be a lot more about the Tale. Myself and James are taking part and I plan on detailing the other armies on here too. There will plenty of lovely minis to see judging by the standards of the others' previous armies!

So anyway, what army? A Slaaneshi Bike Army.

Whilst he might not be in the army himself, this fella is certainly a suitable role model for them! I'll go into a bit more detail when I outline my rough plan for the Tale but I'll be using Codex: Space Marines to represent them. More soon!

- Elazar


Marcel said...

Do you plan on putting images of that planned Chaos Biker army? Because i would love to see a group inspired by Doomrider.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Hi Marcel, thanks for your comment! I've just started working on these guys now. Got my captain and a land speeder to try and finish this month for the Tale of 40k Painters that I'm taking part in. Will have a few updates on this over the coming days! Glad you like the idea!