Friday, 24 June 2011

The Rapturous Angels - Some WIP Pictures

A few WIP pictures of a few things I'm working on:
First up is Mithridates The Torturer my counts as Space Marine Captain on bike. Those who following the twitter feed - @gloriousworks - might have already seen him...

Still a lot to do to him but the greenstuff has been tidied up a great deal since and made to look like the join flexi-armour. Waiting on a few bits and pieces arriving so I can finish building him and start painting! For those who are interested some background on Mithridates and the Rapturous Angels in general can be found in the Index Astartes - Rapturous Angels post.

I've made a start on painting the first of my Land Speeders. Not much to see yet but most of the way done with the cockpit. Gives a chance to see a little of how the colour scheme will look although you'll have to use a bit of imagination as the picture is awful and the marines are missing something...

The cockpit is finished now so I can get on with painting (and building!) the rest of the Speeder so hopefully more updates on that soon.

Lastly is Pharnaces my counts as Librarian. Thought I'd put him together as something of an insurance policy for the Tale of Five 40k Gamers. An expensive character for if I have a bad month with very little painting time.

Still needs plenty of work and throws up some question marks over the colour scheme when you throw the robes into the mix!


Warflake said...

Looking excellent, lots to look through from previous posts, my nights set. haha.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Warflake! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your reading! :-D