Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Tale Of Five 40k Gamers - The Rapturous Angels

++++++++ Interrogation Transcript +++++++++++ 
Subject: Lieutenant Thaddius - 3rd Jakoban Heavy Dragoons.
Interrogation By: Brother-Chaplain Rosam - Angels Exemplar Astartes
 843 M.41

The assault came out of nowhere! Our scanners picked up nothing until they were right on top of us. Their first charge had won the battle for them before we’d even known we had a battle on our hands! Their full strength drove a wedge right through the centre of our formations and then they circled us bombarding us with bolter fire. I’m death in this ear - the boltguns, the roar of the engines and the shrieks and howls… then just as quickly as they’d attacked us they were gone. There was no restoring order though, the vox gave us contradictory instructions and the men fell into a blind panic. Laughter carried on the air. It was still, too still, like the world waited with bated breath. Waited to unleash the slaughter again. Then they struck again, the only warning was the fury of their engines. Men were cut down left and right by bolter fire and by reckless hit and run charges. They had us then, the men were terrified and beaten but again they retreated leaving us milling about in confusion. They broadcast their shrieks of ecstasy and insane laughter over the vox. They were toying with us and they were savouring the chaos they were causing. When I heard the volley of lasgun shots I assumed they must be hitting us again and we were at least putting up a fight but I quickly realised that the regiment was turning on itself. One platoon had turned on a Commissar after he executed their Lieutenant and then it all collapsed around us and we made a break for it. If we’d have stayed we’d have been torn apart by them or by the men we’d fought alongside for years. I didn’t fancy either of those options! They picked us off as we fled though. They picked their shots to slow us down and toy with us. Some were taken alive Emperor help them! I hope their deaths were quick but from the screams they continued to send to over the vox tell me I’m wrong… they’ll always haunt me…

++++++++ Annotation ++++++++
Author: Brother-Chaplain Rosam - Angels Exemplar Astartes

Nothing of any worth gained from interrogation. Thaddius executed for cowardice.
I will continue the pursuit of the traitor, Mithridates so that he can be brought to justice.

++++++++ Thought Of The Day ++++++++

Despise the weak for they shall flock to the call of the Daemon and the Renegade. Pity them not and scorn their cries of innocence - it is better that one hundred innocently fall before the wrath of the Emperor than one kneels before the Daemon.

A bit of fluff as a teaser.

Also, colour scheme ideas:

 Not 100% on this one yet but I have time to decide. The transition from pink to black won't be as clear that, I'm thinking it'll be more like forked tongues of pink 'flames' if that makes sense. The Space Marine Painter doesn't let you do anything too fancy but it shows the contrast I'm thinking of (borrows a lot from GW's Emporer's Children scheme. There probably won't be so much gold on most of them as the 'rank and file' will be using the loyalist marine legs but to be honest I'm tempted to use them on all of them as they're better for painting the pattern I want. The current favourite alternative is the same idea but with white instead of black and purple instead of the pink but I think the black and pink will win out.

At the minute I don't have any minis to be getting on with, so instead I've found other things to paint for the army. My first WIP picture on here then.

Bought the templates the other week as I figured they'd be fun to paint to match my army. It's actually been quite relaxing to work on...