Saturday, 9 June 2012

Assault on Antissa IV - Niflheim Scenario 1 Battle Report

The first game of the campaign proved to be brief, bloody and ultimately very one-sided.

Blood Angels:
Mephiston Lord of Death
6 Assault Terminators - 2 w/ LC, 4 w/ TH & SS
5 Assault Terminators - 1 w/ LC 4 w/ TH & SS

Space Wolves Terminators
Hauk Greyfell - w/ WC & SS
3 Wolf Guard - 1 w/ Combi-Melta & PW, 1 w/ Combi-Flamer & PW, 1 w/ SB & PF
3 Wolf Guard - 1 w/ Combi-Melta & PW, 1 w/ Combi-Flamer & PW, 1 w/ SB & PF
4 Wolf Guard - 1 w/ Combi-Melta & PW, 1 w/ Combi-Flamer & PW, 2 w/ SB & PW
5 Wolf Guard - 1 w/ Heavy Flamer & PW, 1 w/ Combi-Melta & PW, 1 w/ SB & PF, 2 w/ SB & PW


Hauk Greyfell and 3 Wolf Guard deployed close to the bridge and the squad of 5 Wolf Guard deployed ready to enter the board in their first turn. The two Blood Angels Terminator squads deployed ready to use the entry points closest to the bridge and Mephiston chose the remaining entry point furthest from the Bridge.

Blood Angels Turn 1

Mephiston used his Wings of Sanguinius psychic power to quickly make his way on to the board and towards the closest room which contained an objective. He paused at the bulkhead ready to break through this in the assault phase. The two Terminator squads moved up to the first bulkheads blocking their route through the ship. In the assault phase Mephiston tore through the bulkhead and burst into the room containing one of the key objectives. The Blood Angels Terminators at the top of the board couldn't break through the bulkhead barring their way but the squad at the bottom of the board broke through, their Thunder Hammers making short work of the obstacle.

Space Wolves Turn 1

Hauk Greyfell and his bodyguard moved as fast as they could towards the Blood Angels pouring onto the board from the entrance beneath the Bridge but only managed to run a short distance in the shooting phase. The large Wolf Guard squad moved up through the corridor bracing themselves for the inevitable assault that they knew was coming in the following turn.

Blood Angels Turn 2

Mephiston, seemingly giving in to the Red Thirst abandoned the objective he had been set to destroy and instead swooped down the corridors and prepared to launch an assault at the 5 Wolf Guard. The Wolf Guard passed their initiative test for Reaction Fire and tried to pummel The Lord of Death with but Mephiston shrugged off the attentions of the Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolters and Combi-Melta and launched into the assault. Mephiston made short work of the Wolf Guard, their Terminator armour unable to repel the ferocity of his attacks. Elsewhere, the Blood Angels at the top of the board broke through the stubborn bulkhead blocking their way whilst the other squad a the bottom of the board destroyed the first objective of the game.

Space Wolves Turn 2

Hauk Greyfell and his bodyguard spent the turn making up the ground between themselves and the Blood Angels Terminators that had just destroyed one of the objectives. Another Wolf Guard squad arrived from reserve, moving onto the board to confront Mephiston. In their shooting phase the combi-flamer carried by one of the Wolf Guard managed to score a wound against Mephiston, the reroll granted by the deadliness of template weapons in the close confines of the ship proving invaluable.

Blood Angels Turn 3

At the top of the board, the Blood Angels destroyed a second objective, the squad there free to make their way through the ship unopposed. The Blood Angels Terminators at the bottom of the board launched an assault against Hauk Greyfell and his bodyguard. Hauk flew into the assault but the Storm Shields of the Terminators opposing him protected them from the worst of his onslaught and the wyrd was cruel when the Lightning Claws of his prey managed to defeat the power field of his own Storm Shield and fell him. Greyfell's bodyguard stepped over their stricken leader and took the fight to the Blood Angels, felling one and losing one of their own.
Mephiston launched into the assault with the three Wolf Guard that had wounded him, felling them all with contemptuous ease.

Space Wolves Turn 3

The last squad of Wolf Guard arrived from reserve and wasted no time getting stuck into the battle. Their shooting proved ineffective against Mephiston so in the headstrong manner of the Vlka Fenryka they launched into the assault. Once more Mephiston batted the Wolf Guard aside with contemptuous ease. That particular corridor of the Wulfen's Fang would be impassable for the mound of Terminator armoured corpses littering it!
At the bottom of the board the Wolf Guard continued their battle with the Blood Angels Terminators but the numbers advantage fell to their foe and the Wolf Guard were cut down.

Blood Angels Turn 4

The Blood Angels had rid the Wulfen's Fang's command deck of their foe. Mephiston destroyed one more objective to confirm their victory.

The victory for the Blood Angels means that in the next battle they will gain a slight advantage as reward.


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Never mind, I found those rules! Thanks!