Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jarl Vandrad Gorebeard - Early WIP

I've started working on Jarl Vandrad Gorebeard, leader of my Renegade Great Company and counts as Logan Grimnar.

Still very early days for this one yet. I've done a bit more work since the pic above, which I'll get to in a moment but first I'll show some unpainted pics in full so you can see how he's been put together.

The torso is one of the Forge World Terminators conversion kit torsos (the head is part of the same sculpt). The legs are from the plastic Chaos Terminator Lord and the weapon arms are from the plastic Wolf Guard kit. The axe was originally a Thunder Hammer but I cut the hammer head off and swapped it for an axe head to get a nice open pose and a lengthy axe haft to imply that it can be used one or two handed as per the rules for Logan's Axe Morkai. The cloak is also from the Wolf Guard kit but I've trimmed it down as I thought it was too long, regal and generally unbarbarian like so I shortened it and cut parts out so it's more like the cloaks used on the fantasy chaos warriors etc.

These last two pics show roughly where I am with the painting at the moment. Still a long way to go, tidying some bits up as I go as well so it's all a little messy for now. Finished blocking in the main armour colour and have done about 3 layers of shading so will move on to the highlights once I've started blocking in some of the other colours (had a go at the red on the shoulder pad just to get a feel for the contrast between the colours there). Lots and lots and lots still to do but I'll try and keep the updates coming!

In between that my Space Wolves have received some reinforcements and this time only one of them is wearing Terminator armour! Got lots to be getting on with once Vandrad is painted. There's a painting competition on July 1st that he needs to be ready for!


Mordian7th said...

Looking good! I love how the face turned out - keep up the great work!