Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Devotees In Mordheim - The Chronicles of The Enslaver

Part two...

The Chronicles of The Enslaver


“Argider!” Indolbika roared as he stepped from his yurt. The sound of it caused Ximun to wince; the after effects of the narcotic he’d brewed and sampled had left him with a splitting headache. He rose from his position next to the fire to meet the hulking Indolbika. His duty as Shaman meant he must oversee the combat between the rivals for the position of chieftain.
“Silence!” Ximun snapped at the warrior. “It is dawn; he will not have forgotten overnight that you have contested his leadership!”
Ximun watched Indolbika pace back and forwards; he’d clearly brought forth all his anger to direct at Argider in the coming battle. Indolbika knew Argider well, as did Ximun. As advisors to his father they’d watched the chieftain’s son reach manhood. Whilst not soft Ximun knew that Argider was no real match for Indolbika. Indeed, Ximun had often wondered why Indolbika had never contested the previous chieftain over his leadership of the tribe; Indolbika would most likely have emerged victorious. Ximun knew that Indolbika was angry, as they all were, they had lost everything and clearly Indolbika wanted to gain some small measure of vengeance for that loss against Argider.
A few tense moments passed as the pacing continued. Then Argider emerged from his yurt, suited in his armour and a helm on his head. He walked towards the fire in the centre of the circle of yurts weighing his axe and sword in his hands as he moved.
Ximun was taken aback by the sight of the young heir. His somewhat awkward gait had been replaced by the tread of a confident warrior and his eyes burned with an intensity that he had never seen there before. Indolbika too was surprised by the transformation and his stance changed subtly as he held his two-handed sword in a more defensive pose.
“Shaman?!” Argider roared his question, his sword held out at arm’s length towards Indolbika.
“Begin!” Ximun shouted, taking a step back eager now to see the duel between the two warriors.
Argider launched into the attack raining a flurry of blows at Indolbika. The greatsword wielding brute was not a man used to being on the back foot and took action to try and reverse the tide. He stepped round a thrust from Argider’s sword and rammed his shoulder into the would-be chieftain, sending him tumbling backwards. Argider sprung to his feet in an instant but Indolbika was upon his quickly trying to cleave him in two with a swing of his blade. Argider jumped back from the attack and tried to circle round Indolbika, the larger man reacted by swinging the sword in an arc in front of him, aiming at Argider’s head. In a flash though Argider rushed Indolbika, stepping under the wild swing and hacking into his hip with his axe, in another movement Argider rammed the point of his sword up into the chin of his opponent, killing him in an instant. Argider turned from the body holding his bloodied weapons aloft.
“This warrior’s soul belongs to Elazar!” He bellowed to the heavens. He turned to Ximun then. “Shaman, see to it that his remains are left behind in his yurt, spare him from the crows at least. After the ceremony we’ll burn them all. We travel light from here on out.”
Ximun nodded and waited until Argider had returned to his yurt before he barked orders to the remaining tribesmen. He returned to his own yurt. With a new chieftain to appoint there would be great revelries this day and Ximun would need to finish his brew.



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