Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Devotees of Elazar - Lots of WIP Pics

Got lots of WIP projects at the minute, the Mordheim Warband is my priority at the minute but doing a lot of these in the background.

He's just blue-tacked together at the moment and I still have a lot to do with him. In particular try and get rid of that blasted tentacle! I've mostly tried to avoid mutations in the army. There's the odd one but I decided early on that they're meant to be vain and seeking perfection and mutations would imply they were flawed originally. But I especially dislike the tentacle arm holding the shield so it has to go!
This guy is being worked on in the background. There's another painting competition at my gaming club next month and after Vela won the last one this is the mini that might have to defend my crown. I have another mini planned for my first choice for the competition but I need to get all the necessary bits together and I'm unsure if I can manage that with enough time left to paint it well!
He's going to be a Battle Standard Bearer, I think the pose of the model lends itself to that role very well. He looks like he should be looking down on the battle holding aloft the standard of the Devotees.
The flail is made from marauder flail top with the 'mace' parts coming from the chaos knights sprues. The head is of course Harry The Hammer's, had it sitting around spare and I think it looks great on this mini!

Chaos Warriors with Halberds.

Standard Bearer for the unit. The banner is from the Black Orc sprues. Had lots of bits left after making my Dragon Ogres (although the Black Orc bits are being pilfered by my son at the minute!). Figured it looked more than suitable for a unit of Warriors.

Musician, head is just a foot Marauder head.

Unit champion, head is from the Exalted Hero on foot mini that I've used for my Argider conversion.

Chaos Knights with lances. Most of the heads are the metal Chosen heads for these guys. They need some greenstuff work and then they'll be ready to paint, their shield arms and pauldrons get painted separately (they're not attached to their horses yet either).

Chaos Knight Musician. The pose came out really well and the helmet conversion really looks the part. It's actually one of the horned foot marauder heads but I removed the horns as they looked kind of pathetic!

This guy will be the unit Champion on the occassions I have one. But I think he'll be a regular Knight more often than not. With lances they're already expensive enough!

This guy will be the Standard Bearer but I haven't decided what I'm doing for this unit's standard yet.


Rogue Pom said...

Nice to see the horde growing. The subtle head swaps etc are really effective, and should help tie your force together thematically.

I really do like that Nurgle Lord model though - I have been meaning to get one for ages.

Good luck with the painting comp.

noeste said...

Like what I'm seeing of that Battle Standard Bearer, the flail's looking great on him, really vicious! I think Harry's head might be slightly too large for him, though..? But I think you're spot on when it comes to his pose and giving him the role of BSB.

What's your thoughts on those Helbards - do they fit, or..? I've been debating wether or not to buy myself a set for a regiment of Warriors, but not decided yet if it'd be better to try to convert something out of spare bits instead. The bannerman and Champion's looking great - think the musican would look better without the horns.

Nice to see some more Knights, lances looks really great, just sad they don't get to keep their Ensorcelled weapons aswell when buying them.

Looking forward to seeing some paint on them - like Rogue Pom said, they'll fit perfectly with the rest of your forces!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Rogue Pom: He's actually an undivided chaos lord but he does have a very nurgly feel so I can get that :)

Noeste: Hmmm, I think the Harry The Hammer head is alright, bearing in mind that it's held on by blue-tack which has heightened it a fair bit at the minute, I think that when it's glued it should loook alright, time will tell!

The halberds are great actually. I was going to convert some myself but I got gift vouchers for GW and had enough spare to buy the metal halberds so figured I've give them a go. The fit perfect and they don't seem to have the usual weight issues that metal-plastic hybrid models suffer from. Would definitely recommend them as they're quite nice sculpts and there's some nice details like horse tail fetishes and things like that.
I think you might be right with the musician in that unit though, the horns do look a bit off.

Yeah, the lances are such awesome sculpts I wanted to use them. That unit will often have the banner of rage. 6 Knights with lances and the banner throws out 18 S6 attacks and 12 S4 attacks on the charge. If they get dragged into a second round of combat then I've probably misused them anyway so hopefully they'll be alright! :)

Rogue Pom said...

Your tactic with the knights is spot on - I often use them like that (only in a 5 Knight unit) but add in my Lord on Jugger - generally they will eat whatever they hit on the charge - unless the dice godsa really don't like you that game. All you need to be careful of is your opponent forcing a charge you don't want - ie by placing a weak skirmisher unit in your charge arc, hiding in some woods - The banner requires that you charge the nearest unit, but when you hit the woods/terrain feture you get snagged and are now out of position, with your flank/rear waving in the wind. This is primarily the reason why I went from a full Khorne list, to the hybrid Khorne/Nurgle one - there is still synergy in the Gods - both revolve around death - but now all my units are succeptible to being faked out.

And like Noeste, I just wish you kept your ensorcelled weapons for those odd times that you have to take a charge - S4 is lame.

noeste said...

Ah, of course he's blue-tacked. Didn't get that at first, myeah, think the head will look good when it's metal meeting metal.

I just might give those halberds a try then - havn't seen none in the flesh so to say, so was unsure of how well they'd look. At any rate, it's not like they cost a fortune either, heh.

How's your Mordheim Marauders coming along? Are they getting any love from the brushes?

Elazar The Glorified said...

Rogue Pom: Yeah, that's the rpoblem with frenzy being baited. Still, I'm hoping that with some Warhounds screening etc. I can minimise any problems with that. Be careful mind, Frenzy and the banner don't mean you have to charge the nearest unit. But if you can charge a unit you have to. If there's more than one unit in range you still get to choose.
That's the only worry about not having Enscorcelled weapons but my other unit of knights does and I wanted something a bit different for this one. They'll be getting their first battle on Sunday against an Empire player. Will see how they do!

Noeste: I have one halberd spare from the set as well which is going to probably get used as one of the Marauder heroes in my warband has a halberd. Might shorten one of the knight's lances though, will see what looks better.
The warband hasn't seen any paint yet sadly. Still putting the rest together, ran out of glue (NOOOOOO!) so getting some more today. To make matters worse it's been raining for days now and I haven't been able to undercoat any models as a result. Might end up having to joker the ToFP this month if things carry on at this rate :s How are your Dragon Ogres coming along?