Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Devotees In Mordheim - Ekaitz, Imanol and some fluff!

I'm a little disappointed. The weather and time have conspired to ensure that my Mordheim warband won't be painted in time for the start of the Mordheim campaign. It's a shame but at least they'll all be built and ready for battle.

This is Ekaitz

Parts of the flail are from the Flagellant kit (getting lots of bits from that for Mordheim it seems!). I really liked the look of the staff/flail so chopped it up to fit to the arms holding the regular flails for the Marauders. The head is from the Marauder Horsemen. He needs some GS work and a few little extra bits added on to give a bit more character to the model.

This is Imanol

The Halberd is one of the metal ones from the bits pack from GW for the Chaos Warriors, just cut down the hand a little to put it onto a marauder flail arm. The head is another Marauder Horsemen one.

Here are the heroes Argider, Ximun, Ekaitz and Imanol together.

I'm particularly pleased that they rank up! Seeing as I'll be using the models in my fantasy army as well that was quite important!

I've written some background fluff for the warband to tie it into the campaign at my gaming club. There are four parts. This is the first.


The Chronicles of The Enslaver

Argider’s father had condemned his tribesmen to death. He’d refused to bend the knee to the new self-proclaimed King of the Diatchi. Disobedience was not tolerated by this king and his armies had descended on the tribe’s holdings. The Chieftain, Argider’s father, had been slaughtered by the armoured riders. The men-folk were brutally slain, the women-folk enslaved and the livestock plundered. Argider and a handful of fighting men had survived and slipped away from the scene of carnage unseen. They’d made a make-shift camp and then the inevitable leadership dispute had reared its head. Argider had staked his claim as his father’s heir but his claim was sullied by the foolish actions of his father and others had questioned his ability to lead as a result. Indolbika, a lieutenant of his father’s had also claimed leadership rights and at dawn they would duel to settle the dispute. Argider had slept lightly so far that night. But as his body gave up on its vigil he descended into a deep sleep. Visions poured into Argider’s head all at once. He saw a ruined city in the Empire of the southmen, he saw war in the streets and then he saw only darkness. But from the darkness stared two glowing orbs. The eyes bore into his soul and then a disembodied voice whispered to him. “Argider, Argider, Argider,” it hissed. “Devoted Argider, it is I.” “Who?” The question formed in Argider’s mind. “The Glorious One!” The whisper rose to a furious shriek before dying back down. “My armies have marched in Lanshor’s name for centuries uncounted. Beloved Lanshor, Shornaal, Slaanesh. My prince, my lover, my father.” “You are Elazar?” Argider asked, his tribe had long venerated the Daemon, indeed by their legends Elazar had once been a child of the same tribe in the distant past. “Yes.” “And those visions?” “Ah, beautiful Argider. You will perish tomorrow; Indolbika will slay you and lead what remains of your father’s tribe. In turn Indolbika will perish and your people will be no more. You are weak and cannot triumph in this.” Argider’s mind reeled at this prophecy. “I can give you the strength to beat Indolbika,” the Daemon’s whisper continued. “But more than that, in time, I can give you the will to rule over men and the force to enslave those who will not be cowed.” “And the trade?” Argider asked, his thoughts playing over his inevitable demise and not on protocol. “I want your soul, your obedience, and your love.” “They’re yours,” Argider swore, he didn’t need to consider; there was no alternative to a pact with the Daemon. “But what of these visions.” “Now ruins, it was a city built on excess and sin. My blessed Prince by rights should own such a city and I seek what lies within. In this instance, the few may succeed where the many would fail. Defeat your rival and lead your men south into Sigmar’s Empire and to the ruined city, Mordheim.”


Next on the list are the two henchmen. They're carrying axes, daggers and bows. Yes bows! Looking forward to making them, not often I get to see a bow!

We kick off the campaign on Sunday with a race to the gates of Mordheim I believe. The campaign is set later than the original game with the varying races seeking to control the city. There are 6 Warbands present. The first through the gate wins the first game and gets first pick of their starting location on the Mordheim campaign map. Argider The Enslaver may have to be Argider The Sprinter for that game!


Tristan said...

I was going to say I wanted to see some paint on these guys. Is this only reason because you can't spray undercoat? I've recently come to the realization that a painted on undercoat can work just as well - dunno if you have too many models for that though.

noeste said...

I hope the weather will improve for you soon! Ekaitz and Imanol are looking great - got to love those Marauder Horseman heads! So full of character compared to the old heads for the regular Marauders.

Keep 'em coming! Looking forward to some Kurgan bows!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for commenting guys!

Tristan: Might try painting some black onto them first then and see if that works. But yes, not being able to undercoat them is what's holding me up on the painting front :s

Noeste: Thanks. The Horsemen heads are definitely so much better. Yep been reading up on how the Kurgans use human bones to make their bows. Which gives me an idea!