Thursday, 14 January 2010

Foe-render WIP

The current state of things...

I went back and put some GS in the gap on the neck in the previous photos and have added another highlight to the skin. Started on the fur. Need to try and give it some more colour definition now then I'll move onto the horns and hooves! I might well have this one finished without having to do an all-nighter just before the painting competition! A first!

Warhammer 39,999 asked how I painted the flesh colour so here's a quick explanation.
Basecoat of Dark Flesh.
Then a 70/30 mix of Dark Flesh and Tallarn Flesh everywhere except the deeper recesses.
Then a 50/50 mix of Dark Flesh and Tallarn Flesh to blend the recesses into the rest of the flesh a bit more.
Then it's just Tallarn Flesh.
Then a highlight of 50/50 Tallarn Flesh and Bleached Bone


noeste said...

Sorry for not commenting much lately, but I've been really busy!

I think he's looking very good, flesh-coloured Beastmen look awesome! I also like the way you've done the hair, that suptle purple-greyish shading of the light grey is looking very good! And since I havn't commented on them earlier, thumbs up for those dreadlocks!

What colour will you use for the hooves and horns?

Elazar The Glorified said...

Hi Noeste, good to hear from you! Hope you had a great christmas and new year! I haven't quite decided on the hooves and horns yet as I haven't had time to paint him the last few days but I'm thinking along the lines of the Vermin Lord in the recent White Dwarf Masterclass article. Should look quite good with the rest of the colour scheme I hope!
Glad you like him so far and thank you for commenting!