Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Storm God, Scenery, Foe-render and beginnings of an Elazar conversion!

Been a little bit since my last update but I have been very busy. Here are some pics of what I've managed in between.

I finished the Fortified Manor House I had been painting. Sadly I didn't manage to get any good pics of it before returning it to my gaming club but I did get the following (not particularly great) two.

I finished the green stuff work on the Foe-render last night. Will start painting him tonight. Thoughts and feedback appreciated as ever

I've just spotted the mould line on the beard so that's gone! I haven't decided quite what to do with his base yet so I'm hoping inspiration will strike whilst I'm painting him!

I've also been working on a few other conversions. I started on a rough idea for Elazar himself.

The head is going though. I've tried a couple of different things to make the deceiver's head less ugly but it just looks ridiculous. Back to the drawing board on that.
I'm still not entirely convinced by it all though. Seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm just not feeling it with this one at the minute. Maybe when I get the head right I'll be happier with it...
The rest of the Pegasus Knight kit has given me some interesting ideas for other minis though!

I also have some more fluff from the players in The Storm God campaign.
First up Brian with some background for his Empire army:


The door to the Gunners Daughter Tavern swung open, the sudden fresh air swirling the smoke from a dozen pipes and the moist heat from the logs burning in the grate. Honveii, Warrior Priest of Sigmar glanced over at the figure that entered "It looks like things did not go well at the meeting of the Engineers Council. too bad for Sigmar and the Empire" he said quietly to his companion, who glanced up at the priests words and seeing the figure at the doorway, raised his hand and his voice "Over here, we saved you a seat by the fire!" the cloaked figure at the door swung it closed behind him with no little force as if to seal the tavern against whatever vexed him. As the figure slung himself into the offered chair, the priest pushed a flagon of the fiery Nuln spirits across the table. "This will warm you and if, as I surmise, things have not gone well, ease some of the anger you feel."
"No things did not go well with the Engineers Council, they refused to fund my research into weapons development! They say the monies are better spent on tried and trusted weapons....Tried and trusted, some of our designs are hundreds of years old...." his voice trailed off as he drank from his tankard "I lost my temper" he admitted "I stated that I, Cerdic the Black, would find the monies elsewhere if they were too Miserly, Pinch-pocketed, Hidebound and Blind to see that my ideas would be of service to the Empire." Cerdic sighed and rested is head on his hands.....
"Wish I could help you, as you have often helped me, but a Captain of the Empire, even one who's father is a count, has too small a purse for weapons research!" said Karel, the third member of the group, "but when he set me up with the training and appointment as a Kaptain of Knights he told me it was sink or swim time, not that I blame him, he did well by me as one born the wrong side of the blanket. And when Last he wrote he said he has heard glowing reports of my growing skill and was proud of me."
the Priest raised his eyes to the ceiling and spoke quietly as if musing to himself "Word has come down to my chapter house from our brethren in the north, It would seem that Chaos is stirring and the old stories of the crown of Arnaldo are doing the rounds again. It is said that crown was made from the purest gold and decorated with the most prized gems and also that it was magical in nature. " the priest paused and looked at his two companions " I have been placed with a unit of spearmen and their detachments, we are to move to the border ready for deployment in the coming campaign, If say we were to encounter an engineer going our way we would be surprised if he did not travel with us for safety, and if we were to have an escort of knights under a proved Kaptain in war, we would, quite naturally place ourselves under his command, and war, being full of the unexpected......" He glanced at his two now cheerful companions
"I think the engineer would have a Hellblaster in tow, and escort of pistoleer's, I know a sargeant that owes me several large favours" grinned Cerdic
"my my" murmured Karel urbanely "I always wanted to be a General."
"so we are agreed then" said the priest and he raised his voice and tankard " For Sigmar and the Empire!" Two tankards and two voices joined his "FOR SIGMAR AND THE EMPIRE!".


Then Mark with background for his Warriors of Chaos:


Lady Herner looked out of the window for the hundreth time. The night was moonless and lit by distant lightning. A bad omen in these cursed lands. Living at the edge of the empire the forces of magic and evil were stronger than that of the southern lands.
She had been unable to sleep and had come back downstairs to tend the fire, from the window see could see no other light in the village, they were blistfully asleep, something that had alauded her for the last two nights. It was almost as if she could feel something approaching. Those stories in the Tavern hadnt helped. Some begger kept going on about maruaders and some Chaos Crown buried in the woods. She had never put pay in these cheap fireplace stories much heed but they amused the locals well enough. However as he looked out the window she couldnt help but feel cold, and aggitated.

Another flash of lightning, for a split second the world turned an icy blue. There in the wood line, a shape, or was it? She could of sworn she saw a knight. She strained her eyes but nothing. No alarms from the watchtower all must be well. She looked up at the watchtower the small lantern still burned. Another flash and she lept back. In the ligntning she had seen the tower lit up, two bodies hung from its side, a horrible rune written on the side of it. She screamed and dove under the table.

Her family above her rose shoting in the dark, calling her name, she cared not for their concern all she could her was the sound of rusting armour from outside her front door.


The campaign will be starting 21st March so I have until then to get everything sorted. Will be a challenge as I've given myself quite a bit to do. Will post more soon!


Mordian7th said...

That's a great-looking Manor House. I've always wanted to paint one up but as it's a fairly WHFB-centric model I've held off. You've got me itching to try it again - like I need more terrain!

I like the Foe-Render model as well - keep up the great work!

Elazar The Glorified said...

It is a great model the Manor House. So many bits of detail you could spend years painting it I reckon and never be finished if you went deep enough with picking out all the little bits!
Thanks for the comment! :)

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