Monday, 4 January 2010

Quick WIP Shots

I did a mock up for one of the Ungors in my Beastmen army. Still needs tidying up etc but wanted to see how the mini would look built.

Going to greenstuff some fur onto the upper arms etc to make the arm seem more like its meant to be there but it seems to be a quick and easy solution to the problem of arming the Ungors with short bows! Ignore the base size, by all accounts that's going to switch to 20mm so he isn't stuck down yet!

Also done a tiny bit more work on Aaracturious The Storm God...

I've been working on another mini as well but he's refusing to photograph well so you'll have to wait and see him at another point!


Nesbet said...

Aaracturious is looking nice.
Looking forward to see more. Specially, some closeups to your sculpting.

Keep up the good work ;)