Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bases For The Gorewing

I did a quick test game against my son at 570pts I think it was (using Space Hulk termies as proxies for the Gorewing) and was delighted to see Rogoth 'Berzerkerate' the Ultramarine army he was up against! Dual chainfists are absolutely hillarious on a Lone Wolf so I've learnt! My Slaughter-Lord did himself proud too, punching out a Librarian and a Vindicator with his powerfist. I'm really enjoying my foray into 40k...

Anyway, bases for Rogoth and Kaldor:

There are holes there as I'm pinning these guys to their bases. I'm so sick of having to rebase my Warriors of Chaos all the time and these guys are chunky enough to pin their feet with minimal effort.