Saturday, 24 April 2010

Zorion The Resplendent on Chaos Dragon Early Mock-up

My Warriors of Chaos haven't been forgotten I'd just been looking for something a bit different to get my teeth stuck into with them. So here's a very early mock-up of what I'm going for.

Obviously, the dragon is still in need of wings. They'll be added on once I get my hands on them.
I've done a fair bit of work to the Carnosaur to get it into the pose I want and to make it a bit more dragon like. Firstly, I bent the tail of the model to a completely different angle, this was for the most part purely about the balance of the piece. Obviously balancing that much metal in the air leads to an element of inbalance so stretching the tail out allowed me to offset that a great deal. The tail was extremely hard work to shift so I kept boiling it and bending it until I got roughly the shape I wanted. I also bent the Carnosaurs left out to make the pose look more realistic as it climbs the rock ready to soar back into the sky in search of prey.

That picture shows the difference in the Carnosaurs pose now. As you can see I've extended the neck to make it longer bodied and slightly more serpentine in shape. The head on the Carnosaur is actually from another Carnosaur but cut further down so that also helped to extend the neck so far. The milliput there at the minute is just to space, I'll be adding greenstuff on top to detail scales etc.

Zorion the Sorcerer Lord rider is still very early in his construction too. For the most part it's the mounted Slaanesh Lord mini but the helmet is from a Dark Elf but with the cone filed down to make a flat top more like an Arthurian Knight style helm. I might add some decoration to the top yet and I'll be sculpting a gem to cover the hole in the helm. The Slaaneshi staff top is the icon from the Daemonettes sprues.
The rock on the base is made from air drying clay for the most part and some milliput under the left foot. Again, there'll be green stuff etc to tidy this up and detail it but for now I'm just getting the underlying shapes down. Imagine wings on him though and you'll have a very good idea where I'm trying to go with this.


Max said...

That looks pretty badass- good job!

keith said...

Looking good! If you don't mind me throwing a an idea out there.
For the rock I like the that the Carn is climbing his way up. I think he would look a little more imposing if he appeared to be rearing/flying up off the edge of a lower rock... sort of like the DE Manticore.
That said his weight gives the impression that he is off centre or climbing so I will wait and see what your green stuff on the rock adds.
Regardless good work so far!

noeste said...

Looking good!
The posing you've done is really great, and how he climbs the rocks looks very realistic and fitting to the pose.

I do feel that the neck is too short, though, mainly because Zorion (nicely converted fellow, by the way!) is sitting on it. The whole neck gets lost somehow beneath his legs and the folds of his robe, and the Dragon loses its serpentine feel, as there suddenly ain't no neck left. Without a rider, it looks good, but with a rider, I think it'd look better with a neck half an inch longer or so.
That's at least how I feel, looking at the topmost picture in this post.

Alternativly, I'd try to bend his legs/robes, so you could move him further back, so more of the neck would be visible. Not sure what's easiest..
Apart from that, everything seems perfect so far, great idea of using a Carnosaur for a Dragon's body.

Mr.Esty said...

I love this conversion! Looks great. Can't wait to see your vision get completed.