Friday, 30 April 2010

Reminder - The NAG May Hobby Contest - Building Character

Anything But A One

This is a contest I'm running at my gaming club, The Northumbrian Adventurers Guild. If you're in the Northumberland, UK area then please come along May 30th to enter!



The wargames we play are filled with wonderful bits of background and stories of great heroes and villains who stride across the battlefield like gods. Equally there are many tales of heroic last stands and noble deeds from even the lowliest individuals. For the May Hobby Contest entries will be a mini and an accompanying piece of background.

There will be 3 age categories for entry.
12 and Under

There are first and second place prizes in each category. Provided by our generous sponsors.
First place will receive a plastic character box set supplied by Wayland Games.
Second place will receive a Mixed Bitz Bag from Bitz Box to help with future conversions.

There will be NO ENTRY FEE so I'd really like to see everybody taking part.

Entries will be judged on the following 4 criteria.

Background. For quality, originality and the ever important rule of cool!
Modelling. For removal of mould lines etc to any conversion work etc.
Painting. For colour scheme, quality and neatness of painting etc.
Character. For how well the model and background tie in, any extra details etc that add to the character of the entry etc.

To go into a bit more detail about what I mean by background - This could be anything from a short heroic story, a paragraph describing the history of the character, rules for the character or a drawing etc. Really it's up to you to interpret this how you please. I don't expect pages of brilliant prose. I'm looking more at quality, originality and capturing the background of the universes in which our games are played. If you have any questions about this bit then please ask and I'll try to explain!
The minis being painted do not have to be Lord/Hero/HQ choices etc. I'm looking for background and character but this could easily be a tank, unit or some such with a rich background or history. You could enter a Special Character but I'd like to see original background for him/her maybe a short story or a drawing etc.

Anything But A One


Blitzspear said...

That sounds like a fantastic contest! just a pity i'm stuck down and slighty to the right (east anglia) so not realy close enough for this.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Blitzspear. Watch this space. I plan on running an online contest of a very similar ilk later in the year...