Saturday, 1 May 2010

Brass For The Blood God

Been messing about with the metallics, only done this shin and foot so far as I wanted to test out the completed colour.

Will this look good across the whole mini?


Blitzspear said...

Yes! indeed it will.

noeste said...

I believe it will!

It's slightly lighter than good old Brazen Brass, I think although it could be the lighting... Either way, it's very close! How did you do it?

Nesbet said...

I say go ahead! ;D

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys!

@Noeste: How I miss Brazen Brass... Quite easy actually -
1. Chaos Black 1:1 Dwarf Bronze basecoat.
2. Dwarf Bronze on all but recesses
3. Wash with Devlan Mud
4. Higlight Dwarf Bronze 1:1 Mithril Silver

Anonymous said...

All ahead full matey! Got to agree with missing Brazen Brass but what you've got there looks good.

Anonymous said...

That looks really nice. I do something slightly different.
Dwarf Bronze, Bestial Brown 1:1. (or just straight bronze)
Burnished Gold Highlight
Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Shining Gold highlight.

Either way, I like the sepia wash better than the Devlan Mud.

Nesbet said...

You should try Coat d Arms 131 Brass
It's no the same, but with a little bit of shining gold looks almost equal to that wonderful and discontinued colour =P

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
@Anonymous #2: That's pretty much how I do the metal on my Warriors of Chaos instead and I usually use Gryphonne Sepia but I went with Devlan Mud for Kaldor. He's been fighting the Imperial lap-dogs since the Horus Heresy and Devlan Mud really aged the metal much nicer than Sepia.
@Nesbet: Thanks! Will have to give that a go then!