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Kaldor Foe-render - The Butcher Of Bloodwash Falls, Captain Of The Lunar Gorger, Slaughter-Lord Of The Gorewing

Kaldor Foe-render bore witness to the siege of the Emperor’s Palace. He saw first hand the destruction meted out by his battle brothers and his Primarch, Angron. Although of the elite 1st company at the time of the siege Kaldor was a largely inconsequential marine. It was in the period of time known as The Scouring in the Imperium that Kaldor came to the fore. A dark time for his legion as they fought an endless withdrawal following the defeat of the Warmaster Horus. Kaldor seized the opportunity to take command of the splintered bands of marines that fled with him. A series of bloody encounters with the loyalist forces ensured the loyalty of those that followed him but in such a brutal and murderous age they weren’t of any great note to the historians of the Imperium.
It is centuries later that Kaldor’s name first appears in Imperial Records. He led a warband of World Eaters first company marines. Each outfitted in Tactical Dreadnought Armour they added their considerable might to Abaddon’s First Black Crusade. Sowing mayhem and reaping a dark tally of skulls for the Blood God to whom they were now completely in thrall. In each subsequent Crusade and numerous other incursions Kaldor Foe-render earns a mention with his bloody work. The Genocide of Fardis IV, the Slaughter of Bloodwash Falls and The Ilarin Incident to name a few, each grim events in the history of the Imperium but the bright feathers in Kaldor’s cap as he rose to prominence in the service of Khorne.
As the original members of his warband fell another would don their armour, no few times the same marine that had killed its previous wearer. Only a select few of the original World Eaters remain in Kaldor’s warband but all wear the legion armour with great pride in readiness for the day when their lord Angron calls them to slaughter once more.




















Special Rules
And They Shall Know No Fear, Counter-attack, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Stubborn.

Acute Senses: Like the sharks of Old Terra the marines of the Gorewing have become so accustomed to the shedding of blood that their enhanced senses can pick up the scent of it even when their other senses fail them.

Call To Slaughter: Able to drive his troops into ever more terrible acts of murder, once per game Kaldor can enrage his men further. For the rest of the player turn, all friendly models within 18" get +1 Attack.

Ancient Combatant: Time flows differently in the warp and whilst ten millenia have passed at a faster pace for Kaldor he has spent almost the entirety of it making war. He has fought on countless battlefields against numerous foes and his experience and command of his men are unquestionable. At the beginning of each turn choose one of the following special rules: Fearless, Tank Hunters, Relentless, Preferred Enemy. Kaldor and any unit he is with have that rule for the duration of that player turn. Also, Kaldor and any friendly unit within 6" may re-roll failed Morale tests.

Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Powerfist

Axe of Khorne: A fell axe gifted to Kaldor by the Blood God. This counts as a power weapon and confers +1 Strength. Kaldor can choose to allocate his attacks in close combat as he sees fit between the Axe of Khorne and his power fist.

Collar of Khorne: Around Kaldor's neck he wears a Collar of Khorne which confers a number of bonuses to him. Kaldor has a 4+ Invulnerable save and in close combat he always hits his targets on 3+ regardless of comparative Weapon Skills. Also, Khorne abhors psykers and sorcerers and the collar provides protection against their powers. On a 5+ any psychic power aimed at Kaldor or the unit he is with is nullified.

The instant he picked up the familiar scent of blood Kaldor felt his rage and aggression rising. His neural implant fired off the massive chemical reactions that triggered the most aggressive parts of his psyche and filled his body with adrenaline and steroids. Kaldor had prowled through the alleyways of the ruined industrial complex hunting his quarry. A squad of guardsmen had fled his assault and Kaldor would not renege on the promise he had made Khorne of their skulls. He followed the scent of blood into the shell of a warehouse. The roof had been blown off in the preliminary bombardment and detritus was strewn everywhere. The wound that betrayed the guardsmen must have been slight but it was enough for Kaldor to stride through the rubble on a bee line for a fallen storage unit. The unit must have been two storeys tall when upright but now fallen its plasteel shelves made ideal cover for the men he knew hid behind it. The heavy boots of his tactical dreadnought armour crushed the stone and debris on the ground and he made no attempt at stealth. When he got within sprinting distance he screamed maniacally.
“Blood for the Blood God!”
Pounding footfalls quickly covered the remaining distance and he vaulted onto the support strut of the unit. To the guardsmen he must have been a vision of terror and pure primordial rage. His vox broadcast the guttural animal roar he made. The neural implant installed ten millennia ago on the orders of his Primarch having bombarded his body with enough hormones and chemicals that was in a purely bestial, murderous state. The guardsmen threw themselves away from him firing wildly in his direction but none of them made a telling shot before he’d leapt down amongst them and began his savage bloodletting. One guardsman was relieved of his head in a shower of gore as the vicious teeth on Kaldor’s axe destroyed flesh and bone. Another sprayed the contents of his stomach everywhere as a bolter round exploded in his gut. Kaldor turned on the last guardsman, a sadistic laugh filling the sudden silence as the guardsman stood transfixed, frozen by his own terror. A gash on his leg had been what had led Kaldor to him and within his helm the Slaughter-Lord smiled at having found his prey. A massive boot kicked into the guardsman’s torso shattering ribs and piercing vital organs with the wreckage of bone. Kaldor too the man’s head in a delicate hold with his power fist and tore it free of his neck.
“Skulls for the Skull Throne!” he howled stripping the flesh from the skull as casually as if husking fruit. Finished with his gory work he hung the skull from his armour. He could sense others not far from here. There were many more gifts for Khorne yet…



Kuffeh said...

That's really cool dude. I really enjoyed the background and little fluffy story you added for him. I am assuming he uses the rules of Logan Grimnar, they appear to match. Nice use of them.

The painting looks good, a nice strong red. The only problems I see in my opinion is the rather large seeming item on his base (a fuse?) and the blood on his axe doesn't quite look right to me. I think you could have done it darker, covering more of the axe and then done fresher looking blood on the edge.

Even so, with those niggling thoughts, he looks great! Nice work.

noeste said...

He's looking very nice, and the story was a nice read! My compliments, once more, for discovering that nice recipe for brass.

I must say I agree with Kuffeh on the blood effect. If you want blood on your weapons, make it more than what you've used there, and make it darker.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys and thanks for taking the time to critique! Really appreciate it!
I agree on the blood effect. It didn't dry quite how I thought it might so I'll go back in and darken it up and add a little more.
But Kuffeh, no dissing the fuse! Hehe :D

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