Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Grey Hunters Project & The Gorewing Musters

Been commissioned to paint these guys. I've tidied up mold lines, drilled out barrels and undercoated them. I've started painting them now so expect some updated pics very soon. My favourite (and the one I'm most excited to get stuck into) is the guy with the Mark of the Wulfen.
To help motivate me to get a move on with this project the postman has been a regular visitor to my door.

Lots of goodies to make a start on once the Space Wolves are done and still 2 Land Raiders to turn up yet!
However, the most important part of the new army project also arrived:

The obligatory themed dice.


noeste said...

Nice dice!

And the project sounds like fun - still can't say I'm much for the Space Wolf-lore, but I like their colourrs, and I believe you ain't used much grey and blue in your current projects, so I bet it's nice to test some new schemes!

Looking forward to some progression-pictures!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Noeste. Definitely it is a difference painting colours not used in my other projects. My client has a very specific look to his Space Wolves so it's an interesting challenge painting to somebody else's songsheet - mixed up metaphor there!
Should be at least 1 pic later today. I'm painting the Mark of the Wulfen marine a couple of steps ahead of the others so that I can clear each stage of the painting process with my client. Well, that's my excuse anyway!