Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kaldor Foe-render Sneak-Peek

Sorry for the lack of updates last few days. I'll have Kaldor finished this weekend but here's a quick picture of his helm. Expect pictures of the completed mini very soon!

The Slaughter-Lord of the Gorewing, Kaldor Foe-render


noeste said...

Looking great! Truly a beatiful sculpt, and the little I can see of the painting, gives the impression that you've done the model justice!

A question, though: Why the blue eyes? I seem to recall a certain someone, telling me that green was the colour to match with red..? Not that I think the lue looks bad, just wondering what's made you change your view..

noeste said...

lue = blue*

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Noeste, he's so very nearly done now, will have him finished this afternoon and I've written most of his fluff too.
That's a very good question about the eyes and you're right I campaigned for green eyes when you did your Blood Angel Terminator :) I had my green paints out ready but then it stuck me that thematically blue would work better, it still contrasts nicely and the World Eaters pre-heresy armour was white with blue trims so wanted to try and get a hint of the old legion colours in there because half of these guys are meant to have turned with their Primarch and Horus and been fighting an endless war against the Imperium since.

noeste said...

Then I hope to see a new post soon, with him finished in all his glory, both painting- and story-wise!